I’m sharing my diaper battle tactics with Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #ZepSocialstars

How to deal with diaper smells #ZepSocialStars

Well, hello young wanderer. Let me tell you a story. A legend, if you will, of a great warrior.

There comes a time in every person's life when they are faced with an obstacle so large, so vast and so advanced they have to look deep, deep down inside themselves and find the strength they were destined to wield so that they might overcome the one foe that could destroy them. The one foe they may have thought they could avoid and dance around. The one insidious enemy that shakes people to the core and always creeps up on them. No shield is strong enough to stop it and no wall can hold it back. It rises like a tide. It strikes like a swarm of locusts.

Then came the hero. The one to save us all. The slayer of poopy diapers.

How to deal with diaper smells #ZepSocialStars

Yes. There was a time when I thought I could skate by without having to face them, but Chelsea proved me wrong. She handed me over to them all too eagerly. When the time came, I didn't hold back. No! I stepped up like a man (with no way out) and hit it head on.

“So? It's cute little bits of baby poo. Just like bunnies, right? I can do this. I'll just get right in there and…OH MY GOD!!! Chelsea, what has he been eating?”

How to deal with diaper smells

What I didn't expect was the effect of the aftermath. Once I had slain what seemed to be like a hundred diapers or so, I stacked all their corpses like a mountain. A warning to any dirty diaper who dare think about entering our home. And then…

“OH MY GOD!!! I just changed you.” I added yet another to my mountain. But then it hit me. Almost like the plague.

The mass grave I had set next to my changing table to collect the dirty diaper leagues' bodies was now going to be my undoing. The stench was…noxious. Putrid. Overwhelming. This was the dirty diaper's evil spirit come back to haunt these lands. I was a mere mortal. How could I fight that which I could not see? I removed the diapers, but their spirit still remained.

How to deal with diaper smells #ZepSocialStars

That's why I'm lucky I have Chelsea. Apparently, she's a spirit warrior. Able to conjure power from another realm to fight the evil living on the ‘other plane.'

Chelsea had acquired a bottle of Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator, apparently some type of magical potion used to ward off these evil spirits.

I put some directly onto the crypt that now kept the diapers. After a few seconds they were gone. Well, the smell was anyway. Replaced by the scent of cherry. And citronella…I don't actually know what that smells like but I could definitely smell cherry. Like a Shirley Temple. Mmmmm.

How to deal with diaper smells #ZepSocialStars

So, young wanderer. If you too are about to venture into the valley of the Poopy Diaper League, heed my words. Find a spirit warrior with the magical Zep potion or get some yourself at Home Depot for $4.97. You can slay as many diapers as you want, but it's their spirit that will get you. Unless you have Zep.