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The Easiest Car Seat I’ve Ever Installed

This is gonna be straightforward and to the point. I’ve gotten a few messages on Instagram recently asking for advice on car seat installation. Lots of baffled, busy parents really just want the ONE car seat solution. The easiest car seat to install, one that can take them from infanthood up to elementary school and get switched from car-to-car in the interim. So here ya go.

The Graco Uno2Duo Stroller Goes from One Baby to Two

What kind of stroller should I buy? This is definitely one of the most frequent questions we receive from our active readers who are looking to start a family. Most soon-to-be moms and dads have a litany of requirements. They tell me that they plan to baby wrap or babywear when hiking through rugged terrain, but their stroller needs to keep pace from city errands to theme parks. They want something that can have a car seat clicked in and fold without a ton of fuss, and that can grow from one to two babies. That last specification is the real kicker that throws a lot of options out of the running. The Uno2Duo stroller manages to check every single box with ease.

The Car Seat that Lives in Dad’s Truck

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about our truck and child safety. Friends have questioned if it’s even possible to fit six people in a crew cab without putting someone at risk. It seems to be a long-standing belief that trucks aren’t family cars and therefore can’t properly handle car seats. I’m proud to say that our truck gets the highest crash test ratings in its class, but I’ll admit it’s not without its issues. As a one-ton vehicle created more for hauling gear than for hauling people, there are certain comfort and ease-of-use features that are missing. That said, it IS possible to safely and securely install a car seat in a truck.

The First Shoes we Buy for our Little Walkers

We get this question from readers a lot. What are good first shoes for a toddler? Having had four boys in 5 years, we know a thing or two about little baby feet and MAN, some companies really get it wrong. Nate and I initially tried buying our own favorite shoe brand and simply getting “baby size.” That resulted in an irritating experience attempting to smoosh tiny toes into kicks that were WAY too narrow. This is one of those purchases where specializing really pays off!

Baby sleeps where

You Let Your Baby Sleep WHERE?

Every time Chelsea and I have a baby, people inevitably ask where the baby’s sleeping in relation to us and his brothers. The concept of four kids under six years old IS mind-boggling, sure. The bigger issue people seem to be grappling with, however, is the idea of getting any baby to go from sleeping in the parents’ room to sleeping in a room with siblings. So, I’ll admit it. Here’s our big secret.

Easiest car seat to install

This Infant Car Seat Clicks with our Family

With baby number four, I didn’t feel the need to buy a bunch of new stuff. I had my first son six years ago, then my second two years later, number three two years later and the littlest dude two years after that. I’m nothing if not predictable. I honestly bought well the first few times and felt like I really honed in on most of the necessary baby gear LONG before this dude arrived.

But I learned some lessons along the way, and it seems that manufacturers did as well.