This STEM Camp is all Online – and it Rocks!

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The top STEM camp offers lessons on YouTube, Adobe, Scratch, Roblox, Minecraft and more. Best of all, it's all online, with professional instructors to support kids age 7-17.

When this popular online educational platform reached out asking us to talk about their STEM camp offerings for the summer, we were more than game. Our family has been a big fan of this learning avenue since discovering it a few years ago. Today, we're thrilled to share all about our sponsor, iD Tech! And we scored you all a discount: use the special link here and code SOMEDAY125 for $125 off any Virtual Tech Camp.

Boy learning STEM on computer with iD Tech

We've talked about how our son's experience with learning differences ultimately led to us deciding to homeschool. We use a charter program through our state that pays for whatever tutoring or specific programs we find beneficial. It has been such an amazing experience, participating in online classes, STEM camp opportunities, and subscription boxes that meet our kids where they're at. Seeing them learn on their own terms and pursue interests that they actually care about has been incredible.

The oldest kiddo (currently nine years old) has delved most into STEM camp opportunities. He first took part in a small, informal group of kids that like to tinker around with online programming. This led to him discovering Scratch, a platform developed by MIT Media Lab to help children create online projects – such as games and presentations – using code.

Brothers at computer

A lot of STEM camp offerings such as iD Tech tend to focus on paid programs such as Adobe or Minecraft, or they're focused on more extensive programming languages such as Javascript. That's all well and good and we will absolutely turn to iD Tech when Olin's ready for those things, too. That said, we were EXTRA thrilled to see that they had more entry-level programming options, too!

Many parents are looking to ease into a STEM camp with no background. For those less tech-inclined (like myself), it's a relief to know that iD Tech has offerings for kids as young as seven, using online platforms that don't have any barriers to entry. The first time Olin pulled up Scratch on a computer, he was off to the races. It required absolutely no input from me. The intuitive program meshed perfectly with his developing brain, and the detailed videos offered tons of community support and commentary to guide him through creating projects with ease.

Kids learning on computer

I'm sure there are a ton of families who can attest to this sort of experience with their kids. Various online programs and computer languages – be it Python, Unity, C++ or other formats – draw the attention of tech-oriented kiddos and they are LOCKED IN. The look on Olin's face said it all for me: he'd found his calling, and he was eager to delve into it, teach his siblings, and catapult our entire household in his newfound world.

The computers we use for our kids are touchscreen, so their learning process is literally an immersive, hands-on experience. It's hilarious to watch them all clamor to have some input into the next programming move in Olin's little layout.

When technology and a technologically-inclined young brain meet, many of us parents are left fascinated by the creations of our children. Still, we're not entirely sure how to support them in a platform we know absolutely nothing about. I can give you the summary of what my child is doing. He's learning that coding is like mathematics, on a computer screen, with a series of if-then statements. The stuff he concocts is awesome!

In practice, though, sometimes it just looks to me like they're playing around with a robotic cat.

Teaching kids programming with this easy stem camp thats all online

Enter iD Tech's STEM camp. Once you pick your course relating to coding, game development, robotics or creativity, iD Tech lets you filter by age and skill level. Tuition includes an iD certified instructor (always an adult, no high school kids!) as well as 10 hours of live instruction plus 10 hours of self-paced project development in a class with five students max.

Kids hop online during their chosen week and time, and enjoy all the magic of a traditional STEM camp in a remote setting. They get to collaborate with peers and take part in games, challenges and traditions – all while learning important skills that will propel them forward in school and ultimately will be useful in a job setting someday! Win, win, win.

And whiling away the hours at STEM camp sure is a whole heck of a lot better than playing Donkey Kong all day, like I did when I was home over summer break as a kid.

Elementary kids learning online

As an extra bonus, parents get some much-needed quiet time to themselves knowing that their kids are well cared-for and are intellectually stimulated in a developmentally-appropriate environment. Parents can view their child's daily independent work online, and are welcome to sit with students as they participate in Zoom sessions. Or… ya know… NOT, if they need a break from schooling.

Seriously, everybody wins here.

If you are one of the many parents struggling to juggle work and education for your kids while guarding their health and safety, STEM camp is the answer! Use our link and code SOMEDAY125 for $125  off any Virtual Tech Camp.

Have your kids participated in a STEM camp yet?


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