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Everything is changing in the world of work, transportation, and home energy. Everything but the high standards STIHL has always stood by. If you are living in a city or the suburbs, or just have a home in rural America, it's about time to get to all the things that grow. Get your yard work done and do it all with one battery with this set of STIHL battery powered tools from the AK tool line.

Work With One Battery

Stihl on a single charge ak battery line

When it comes to owning or even renting a home, there are a lot of things to worry about. From bills to decorating changes, and even maintenance on things from the interior to the yard. One thing STIHL makes easier is the consolidation of needed tools, equipment, and power without the sacrifice in quality and effectiveness.

Nate day trimming hedgeson a single charge with stihl ak battery

We recently decided to move across town and purchase our “forever home” after realizing our boys wouldn't stop growing. In doing so, I found that that the home with the ‘white picket fence' also came with the need for some different types of care. With that came an opportunity to look into STIHL's AK line of battery powered tools.

Stihl ak battery powered hedge trimmer for yard work

As I already own a number of the STIHL battery tools from the AP lineup, I was really interested in the AK battery powered products which boast the ability to get a whole yard job done with one battery. So, I picked up a few new tools, including this amazing STIHL HSA 56, especially since I've always wanted a hedge trimmer, and put that claim to the test.

One Battery to Rule Them All

Stihl battery powered ak line hedge trimmer for home yard workon a single charge

With all new homes there is always a settling in period followed by a growth or change phase to make it your own. We aren't entirely sure what parts of the landscaping we plan on keeping and what parts we will hand to be changing yet as this is our first spring. What we do know is that there is a more diverse set of growth to manage and deal with compared to our last home.

Stihl battery powerd blower ak line for yard work on a single charge

That's what makes STIHL's multiple tiers of performance, from gas powered tools to their battery powered lawn gear, so fantastic. In this case, as soon as I was done trimming my new hedges, I just pulled my STIHL AK battery out of my hedge trimmer and swapped it over to my BGA 57 blower and kept on working. I hadn't even begun to touch the capacity of my battery yet.

Best Battery Powered Trimmer

Nate day getting yard work done on a single charge with stihl battery powered trimmer ak line
The FSA 57 can trim the length of 12 football fields on a single charge.*

Whether there's a forest or not, there is one tool that is known country wide, all throughout the United States, and that is the STIHL trimmer. If you are working on a yard, there's no doubt that you are going need to trim in some tight areas or our where a mower doesn't make any sense. If you are looking to get into your first trimmer, the STIHL FSA 57 is a fantastic solution.

Nate day using stihl battery powered ak line trimmer on a single charge

When I originally picked up this STIHL AK battery powered trimmer, I thought it was actually really compact. The guy at my local STIHL dealer saw I was a bit confused and quickly volunteered to show me that the FSA 57 actually has a telescoping shaft and with a push of a button, it was a “big boy” trimmer perfectly suited for my six foot four inch frame.

One new thing I discovered with the FSA 57 trimmer is that the head can be restrung two different ways. Much like my STIHL FS 250 R gas powered trimmer, you can manually restring it but with a much easier system that makes the job simple. If THAT is still too laborious for you, you can also purchase a disposable string pack which essentially just snaps into place. Pretty neat!

Best Home Owner Chainsaw

Stihl batter powered ak chainsaw for getting yard work done on a single charge
The MSA 120 C – B can make over 170 cuts on a single charge**

If you has some large bushes with extra thick branches at your home or a number of small to medium sized trees, there's a chance you will want… need a chainsaw. The good news is that the STIHL MSA 120 C-B has exactly what you need to get your work done without breaking the bank or your back. This saw is light, cuts fast, and is the perfect compliment to a well rounded battery powered home care system.

Perfect STIHL Battery Products for Outdoor Power

So, to recap, if you are looking to dip your toe into the homeowner yard power tool world and love STIHL products, here are the four great tools you will want to look into. Another great thing to note is a number of these units actually come in a great “kit” which means you wind up getting A LOT more for less. Whats more, I was actually able to tackle my entire list of home yard projects with one battery with my STIHL AK battery powered tools.

  • Trimmer – STIHL FSA 57
  • Blower – STIHL BGA 57
  • Hedge Trimmer – STIHL HSA 56
  • Home Chainsaw – STIHL MSA 120 C-B
Getting yard work done on a single charge with stihl battery powered ak tools

When it comes to home and lawn care, what is your must have or want STIHL tool?

*Trim up to 3,770 linear feet with the AK 10 battery on a single charge. Usage claim tested and verified by an independent third-party test laboratory. Run time per charge may vary depending on usage and application.

**Make up to 173 cuts in 4″ x 4″ rough lumber with the AK 20 battery on a single charge. Usage claim tested and verified by an independent third-party test laboratory. Run time per charge may vary depending on usage and application.


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