A Teacher Care Kit that’s Sweet and Simple

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The start of the school year is a great time to nab deals on back-to-school essentials, but what about self-care and household needs? While everyone's in “stock up” mode, tons of brands put their products on sale to encourage families to gear up for the season. We personally like to take this opportunity to create a teacher care kit.

kids take a lot of energy

Having been a teacher myself, I can attest to the fact that a classroom of 25+ children can get seriously exhausting – and most teachers don't set aside the time they really need to care for themselves.

teacher care kit final

This Teacher Care Kit is Easy and Effective

Teachers get a lot of thanks and accolades during the holidays and teacher appreciation week, but the hectic beginning-of-the-year can be a stressful time during which they are largely overlooked. Make a point to connect with your child's new teacher with a small gesture just for them. A teacher care kit is the easiest way to make an impact.

Teacher care kit

While you're stocking up for your own home and family needs, why not put together a little basket of essentials for a teacher care kit? I like to throw in whatever I find on sale, plus tickets to a movie or a gift card for a local restaurant.

Make a teacher care kit to help show your appreciation

A simple, handwritten note can go a long way in tying together the theme of a teacher care gift. I'm cheesy so I like to make things rhyme, but it really doesn't need to be elaborate or intricate in any way. A white notecard and a simple pen is all it takes – don't forget to sign your family name! If your kid can write, this is a great time to put their skills to use.

Do you take time to prepare your home at the beginning of the school year? What about showing a little teacher care?


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