Teaching Kids about the Sun

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Living in San Diego, teaching kids about the sun is a big priority. Whether we're splashing in the pool, running along the beach, or even adventuring in the mountains…the heat is intense.

7 ways to teach kids about sun care

We have trees around our property to give the kids a shady spot, but we're in a drought and foliage is sparse this summer. So I'm keeping us safe by taking steps to make sure we're covered from the sun's balmy rays, and teaching our kids about the sun!

7 Ways to start Teaching Kids about the Sun

7 ways to teach kids about sun care

1. Talk about sun damage.

Make it relatable by sharing stories of times when you haven't made sun care a priority, and the damage that it has caused to your skin. Watch a video to really drive the message home.

7 ways to teach kids about sun care
2. Make it a game.

Place one ice cube in the bright, open outdoors and one in the shade. Time how long it takes each one to melt. This will help give kids an idea of the power of the sun!

3. Construct a shady area

Make a sun-safe space together by planting a tree or putting up a large umbrella. Getting hands-on will make a big impact and help them remember what they've learned.

7 ways to teach kids about sun care

4. Craft a covering.

Decorate a wide-brimmed hat or oversized t-shirt to help cover up.

5. Test their knowledge with fun Q & A.

Leave a bright colored piece of construction paper out in the sun with objects scattered on it. After several hours, the paper will be faded everywhere except where the objects offered shade. Chat with your kids about why this happened, and what this means for their skin.

7 ways to teach kids about sun care

6. Incorporate sun screen into the routine.

Whether it's before you head out to the beach or the moment you unpack your picnic at the park, make sure that sun screen is a regular part of your outdoor day. The best way to start teaching kids about the sun is through demonstration.

7. Create a sun safety scrapbook showing all the ways you stayed protected during a day in the sun.

With lots of repetition through these easy tips, your kids will become experts on the topic of sun care! Before you know it, they'll be schooling the rest of the neighborhood and making sure their friends cover up, too.

How do you teach your kids about sun care?


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