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It's been a weird year. Lots of ups and downs with business and personal life. Nearly losing a child, quite honestly, traumatized me. For awhile I was afraid to experience life. To go or see or do anything.

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That's not really living, though. The weight of a life is measured in moments, and you need to experience them in order to move forward. Grieving, processing, celebrating. Life takes reflection.

The more you celebrate... quote

We're working with the Lean Cuisine Team and last week as part of the #WeighThis campaign I asked you all what you want to be weighed on in life.

Your answers made me realize several things. First, I have awesome readers! The emails and messages that I received made me smile from ear-to-ear.

Taking in the view

Second, I realized that I am surrounded by a crew of people who know how to celebrate. Cherished family and friends who increase the joyful weight of my life immeasurably.

My crew

I've told you a bit about my friends Danielle and Heather and how they help cheer me on through motherhood, coupledom and business life. A small group of us with similar mindsets have naturally come together over the last couple of years with one simple idea: to be kind and support each other. Some people in the online world call it a “tribe.” I simply think of them as my crew.

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My crew is a source of positivity. They help me see the bridges that business can make in family life. That's something I struggle with as a self-employed person. It's easy to get caught up in the time that self-focus takes away from family. Getting out of my own head helps me see the growth that my children experience from watching their parents thrive.

Tea time

“I have almost answered every email in my inbox!” Heather exclaimed. She went on to express appreciation at how this was helping her keep up with her kids' summer adventures. Jamie, Mariah, Jill, Kate, Trina and Stacie also chimed in with stories of how hard work has brought amazing experiences to their family. Peggi and Craig expressed appreciation for their spouses who serve respectively as their rocks in life.

Accomplishments grand and granular were given a light. “I've pulled myself out of a bad eating slump!” Danielle celebrated. That's a struggle I know well, as I've messaged Danielle a number of times with complaints about how dang hungry I am when I'm breastfeeding. Commiserating over something that seems small can make a big impact.

All throughout my community events are being finalized, financial plans put in place, growth achieved. One woman shared that she managed to knit together two difficult blends for a piece she's exhibiting at a local fair – a project thirty years in the making!

We should all take time as often as we can to step back and acknowledge those wins. Heck, it doesn't hurt to also give a nod to the failures that have helped us grow along the way.

Some Boy crashed out

Even on the days that end like this – especially on the days that end like this – I will continue to do my best to celebrate every moment.

Join in the conversation. Come share what you're proud of on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with hashtag #WeighThis.


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