Tire Party Printables for your Gearhead Kid

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Our oldest dude is turning 7 years old! I'll save you from my “time flies” or “how did we get here” mama moaning, and get straight to the point. Some Boy picked a slightly odd party theme this time around. We always keep our kids' party ideas simple, letting the boys request a theme and creating a sweet little bash around their idea. The big boy? He wanted a tire party.

Hot Wheels and little boys

You may think it's odd that a kid specifically pick a tire party instead of a party themed more generally around race cars or trucks. If you knew this kid's background, it wouldn't seem weird at all. He is…well, he has a one-track mind. He gets focused on a thing and that's ALL we hear about for days. Weeks. Years. Cars have been the “thing” for a large chunk of his life. He's even swayed his siblings to celebrate them as much as possible, too. We've already had a Hot Wheels Party, a Cars movie party, a Fast and the Furious party and a Blaze and the Monster Machines party. We're running out of ways to celebrate vehicles.

Tire party

As Nate's been working on his truck and doing a lot of automotive photoshoots lately, he's been teaching the boys the difference between tires (the rubber part) and wheels (the metal rim part). I used to think it was all one and the same but NOPE. Apparently it's a total rookie mistake to get these technical terms wrong. Silly me. Anyway, Some Boy got it into his head that this particular portion of the vehicle is something to be celebrated. So here we are.

Tire party decorations

The backdrop is easy. We have an absurd amount of barely-used tires just waiting to be put to good use. Nate has all-terrains, mud tires, racing tires. Tires, tires and more tires! I can pull some up to a long table to serve as seats, or even stack some and plop a plank between them for a display. I can make tire-shaped cake and kid-friendly sushi rolls that look like tires. Beyond that, though, decoration and goodie bag stuff is a bit of a challenge. I decided to do a simple printed flag, which I got the go-ahead for even though it's not a tire because “it makes the tires go.” For takeaway gifts, I'm pairing some tire yoyos I found with a custom printable attached to Welch's Fruit Rolls.

Tire party fruit roll decoration

Exhibit A: our snack hero of the day! Welch's Fruit Rolls are one of our go-to snacks because the kids love them, and I feel good about keeping them on-hand. Fruit is the first ingredient, and they have 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C and 25% daily value of Vitamins A & E.

Checker flag printable

For the flag printable, I just used a black-and-white checkered pattern and created a triangle shape that I printed out and glued to bamboo sticks. You can download this checkered flag PDF to use for free for your own party.

I like how you roll kids party printable

The tire printable took a bit more effort to size right, and I quickly learned that I should space them out on the page so that there is plenty of room to cut around them. Six fit nicely, which works out well because six come in each Welch’s Fruit Rolls package that we get at Walmart (we've also seen them at Stater Bros. and Albertsons in our area). You can download this I Like How You Roll printable PDF to use for free, too.

DIY tire party printables

Some scissors, paper and glue, and you're ready to party!

Fruit roll printables

I feel like these could also work really well as Valentine's printables. Just stick a blank white label on the back for the kiddo to write his or her name on and BAM! You've got yourself a totally hip treat to give out. I'll be keeping that in my back pocket for next year.

Fruit roll valentines day

Some Boy also says they're “fun to eat,” because of the whole roll thing. So that's good. We certainly can't be having any un-fun food at a birthday party.

Welch’s fruit rolls

Click-through here for a coupon on the Welch's Fruit Rolls that we used for this project!

Have your kids ever asked for weird birthday themes like a tire party? Did you make it happen for them?


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