Our Trampoline Birthday Party was Flippin Awesome!

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When I was a kid, one of the coolest sets of lyrics to be put to a dope beat was “jump up, jump up, and get down.” The song “Jump Around” by House of Pain included the word “jump” approximately 94 times which, coincidentally, is about how many jumps I have to do to get a full workout. Working up a sweat as an adult is SO much easier than it was when I was a kid, so our son's trampoline birthday party recently doubled as my gym visit for the day and his celebration. Score!

child overlooking trampoline park

In the spirit of jumping either up, around, OR to get down, a new craze about town is trampoline parks. If you combine a party song and jumping, you might just find yourself at a Get Air trampoline park where parties and jumping are thrown together like paint and Jackson Pollock’s canvas. There are at least 60 Get Air trampoline parks throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Finland and Japan.

I’ve never been to Mexico, Finland, or Japan but if I do get a chance to go, I’ll be sure to see if I can find a Get Air for my jumping and trampoline birthday party needs.

happy child in trampoline park

Get Air is all about having fun, and no one likes to have fun more than my four children. They’re pretty much addicted to it to the point where I think they might need to go to some sort of Fun Rehab. They’re packed with energy even after a long day at school. I’m almost convinced my three year old runs on some type of fission reactor that keeps him going non-stop.

mother standing on stairs happily

This is the time of year where one of the six of us celebrates exploding forth into the world for the first time. More specifically, our little five year old is celebrating his birthday as he attempts to promote to “six year old.” There seems to be no end to the celebrations of mother’s pain, is there? One thing is for sure, though, we are not hosting at home this year and we are NOT providing the food or entertainment.

child looking at a party sign

This year, we celebrated Sidekick’s birthday by taking him and all of his brothers to the Get Air trampoline park in Poway. Not only do they have a way for the boys to have fun and burn off energy, they can also host parties. They have a number of rooms and provide everything including the plates, tables, food, and dessert. I called ahead and asked if they had chairs for sitting too and they said “yes,” the chairs in fact are also included. BONUS!!!

scary man jumping

I was so super stoked that they even let ME on the trampolines. Look how amazingly happy I am.

happy baby at birthday party

Even Bam loves a good party he doesn't have to hang the stringers for. He was especially happy that he didn't have to cook anything this time, too. He even got to play with balloons without blowing them up first! Okay, Chelsea actually brought these along and blew them up herself. But it was still great for everyone else as Bam usually leaves a lot of drool on them.

Child at birthday party

Of course, Sidekick was happy.

small child eats pizza

There was plenty of pizza for everyone.

Children waiting for pizza at a party

And plenty of plates…

happy children with pizza

…even when Sidekick dropped a slice.

Three brothers waiting for icecream

Chelsea brought along some face paint pens, tattoo stickers and gifts. This, of course, was all followed by everyone getting a selection from the ice cream freezer.

thee little boys with party favors

Finally, what kind of birthday party would be complete without gifts? Fortunately, Get Air had a barrage of fun party favors to keep our whole family busy for days. Along with Chelsea doing ‘cat' inspired face paint per the boys' special requests, we were all set in the party zone. This left us with little left to do except go out and burn off our newly stored energy.

mother laying down with baby

Bam was especially happy that Get Air has something for everyone of all ages. It's always nice when we can go somewhere as a family and get to include the baby in all the fun. It makes him smile.

father and son jumping on trampolinedad and little boy jumping

Now, about all that jumping. Some Boy's favorite jump is the “Ninja” jump. No, there were no attempts at back or front flips for us. Just your good old-fashioned ninja jumps. As easy as it might seem, it's not. No, don't let it fool you. It is incredibly hard jumping like a sneaky ninja when your son is literally watching you the whole time. So, instead of sneaky, I had to go with intensity ninja. I channeled what I believed to be the moment the ninja attacked and shouted “HI YA!”

It was my best play ever.

child jumping through the air

Then there was the foam pit. I remembered this one from my gymnastics days. This time, I didn't have an angry chain-smoking Russian coach shouting insults at me the whole time.

I didn't as a kid, either, I just wanted to make sure you know what NOT to expect.

small child jumping through the air

You SHOULD expect to fly free like a happy little six year old bird into a pit filled with soft little blocks. Maybe like a butterfly. No! A pterodactyl!!!

attractive woman on rope course

Or, you could even be Chelsea of the Jungle. Awkwardly holding onto a rope as you struggle to walk a semi-taught line suspended precariously two feet over a dangerous pit of foam blocks filled with invisible crocodiles.

Vegetarian crocodiles, you guys, don't freak out on me.

mother and baby in foam pit

There's always the option to just play in the pit with a baby.

child on rock climbing wall

I was surprised to even see a rock wall for Some Boy to practice his skills on. Get Air had everything!

child selecting icecream

Get Air has a couple different birthday packages including 10 jumpers, jumper socks, two hours of party time, a surprise gift, two large pizzas and 2-liter sodas, and then upgraded things in the bigger package like goodie bags, ice cream, and waived outside food fees so you can bring ALL the extra goodies you'd like! They include the party room, table coverings, plates and cups as well all clean-up, and it all starts at just $150. That's less than I've EVER spent on one of my kids' parties – and with waaay less effort. They even have customized party invites so Chelsea doesn't have to get glitter everywhere trying to make her own anymore. That's a win for everyone.

Want to win a trampoline birthday party for your friends and family? Enter below for your chance to win a Flippin' Awesome package from Get Air!

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