What’s in my Football Tailgating Bag

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When I went off to college at UCLA, I knew that it would be the start of a whole new world of experiences. Sports were a big deal at school. Coming from a decidedly non-sports family, my first games were in the Rose Bowl where I cheered on this dude named Nate who lived on my dorm floor. Back in those days, my football tailgating bags were built from the ground up out of sheer necessity. Through trial and error, I learned what items I needed to get through a long day. Now that most stadium events have implemented a mandatory “see through” bag policy to speed up security lines, it’s more important than ever that items in that bag be compact and useful.

Football Tailgating Bag Essentials

Football tailgating bag essentials for the required clear stadium bag

If you’re not well-versed in tailgating, fear not! It’s basically a big party with lots of booze and snack bites. You need the same sort of gear you’d need for a really long picnic, a day at the park or a brief hike.

Football tailgating bag for women

People cheer on their favorite players by donning the designated team color, so just make sure you’re not wearing the opposing team’s hue and you’ll be good. When in doubt, go with basic stripes and some generic state gear.

Football tailgating bag with sunglasses and other essentials

I nabbed this see-through stadium-approved bag on the internet, and stuffed it with sunglasses, leukotape (a tough, waterproof sports tape that our family uses for makeshift Band-Aids on the road as well as taping up actual sprains and blisters). Speaking of which, I grabbed a football from my kids’ stash for our latest tailgating afternoon. It’s foam and I’m pretty sure our dog’s taken a few bites out of it, but it kept the older boys busy for an active afternoon. I also have one of those stain pens because with all the roughhousing, someone inevitably bumps into me while I’m trying to shove a chicken wing in my mouth.

Football tailgating medication

Sitting front and center in the pouch is Omeprazole, an acid reducer just released in a NEW disintegrating tablet form – Omeprazole ODT. I need to be rescued from all the greasy food! Nachos, poppers, hot wings and pizza mean that there’s a whole season of heartburn in store for me. These are a 14-day regimen, taken once every 24 hours. Though you might get some relief in the first 24 hours after starting the treatment, it’s not intended for immediate relief and may take 1-4 days to feel the full effect (don’t take Omeprazole ODT for more than 14 days unless directed by a doctor, and DEFINITELY allow it to dissolve on your tongue as opposed to chewing or dissolving in liquid).

I stash mine in this bag since the bag goes with me everywhere, and my dosage time could just happen to be while I’m in tailgating mode (with morning games, afternoon games and night games, you never know). It also helps to spread the word to other tailgaters when they’re struggling to handle their beer and bratwurst. Since the tablet melts in my mouth, I don't even have to track down water if my hands are full. Plus, it’s got a nice strawberry flavor. Perfect solution for when you’re on-the-go!

Poncho for tailgating

Ponchos are a must, because you never know when a freak storm will come rain on your parade. Grab some cheap, lightweight ones and keep them in that bag at all times. We take this same bag to concerts, Broadway shows, theme parks…anywhere that security screening is an issue.

Travel scarf

Also helping out in the weather department is this travel scarf. Travel scarves are a big thing in the travel community. They have a hidden little pocket to stash keys, money, or a cell phone and they are a HUGE lifesaver on game day as well. This thing has served as a makeshift cushion when the seat was too hard, a head wrap when the sun was beating down on my forehead, and a little shawl when the wind was nipping at my shoulders. It packs down nice and small and is a mainstay for my football tailgating bag as well as any adventure I go on.

I do have space for a mini water bottle and sometimes I throw some caffeine chews in here, too. Whatever helps get you through a long day, that’s what needs to go in the football tailgating bag! Learn more about where you can buy Omeprazole ODT here.

What’s in your football tailgating bag?


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