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This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of B&W Trailer Hitches; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

They say being prepared is half the battle. Having what you need when you need it makes future issues a lot easier to get through. In my case, preparation is a REALLY important half. It allows to quick execution of my plans. After all, I’m a pragmatist and I’ve learned over time to buy, keep, and take care of the things I actually need.

Offroad Truck ready to leave

When Chelsea and I decided to finally buy our first house, we knew we wanted to live out in the more rural part of San Diego. This eventually led to our little farm home. From there, we fell in love with farm life AND kept up our love of adventure travels. I told Chelsea that a truck was a must for farm living as well as having four boys. I mean, no minivan could carry that much food home from the grocery store! Just not enough payload capacity.

Large travel trailer hooked up to truck

We…well, I…I decided to get a full-size diesel truck. I knew that it was exactly what we needed to keep up with farm work while at the same time giving us the flexibility to travel and go some extreme places. We even recently added a giant 37-foot travel trailer to the lineup as we wanted to spend extended and more civilized stays out in the middle of nowhere. It's a toy hauler literally full of toys. My neighbor didn't believe me when I replied to his question about what I was hauling in the back with, “LEGOS…lots of LEGOS.”

Ball head hitch and mount

Through it all, I have a number of tools I've learned I need to keep on hand when working with my truck whether for work of pleasure. Gloves, jumper cables, a jack, camp/emergency lights, common tools, tow straps, road flares, chains, and the list goes on and on it seems. I have a big roller tool chest to keep it all in. And that takes up space. One major tool all trucks need is a quality tow hitch. Trust me…this is one place quality should NEVER be skimped on. That's why I go with B&W Trailer Tow Hitches. Full disclosure: between my father and me, we have five B&W hitches. We’re long-term, big-time fans.

Back up camera view

B&W Hitches have some seriously good qualities that set them above and beyond. First, they're built as solid as rock…well, as solid as the steel that crushes that rock. They have drop hitch models that make towing different size or height trailers easy to keep level. This is especially handy for me since our truck is lifted six inches for our off road travels. I can just pick whatever height I want my hitch to sit. Another great aspect is the multi-ball head hitches which allow me to change out ball sizes by just pulling a pin and turning the hitch ball cluster. Plus, they’re American-made and you know how much we love that. Finally, when I am all done and want to stow it away, I pull another pair of pins and the whole thing tucks under my bumper.

Baby plays with trailer hitch at the beach

This makes baby super happy. No more “bonk bonk” when he runs around the truck. This also makes me super happy because my shins don't run into the ball when I walk around back to get something out of the bed. It also helps when I’m backing into a parking spot as the B&W Hitch system, when stowed, becomes a broad steel plate. Almost like a little bumper on its own.

Children playing in military trailer

And with that, we spend our weekends enjoying the little things. My favorite trailer is my old Marine Corps trailer I picked up at an online auction. I recruited a friend of mine and together we modified it a bit to become the ultimate camping trailer. It also doubles as a farm trailer and day-out adventure trailer. I even use it to get firewood. Oh, and the boys: It's great for hauling the boys around.

Children sitting on bedslide over the water

One of our favorite places to go is the beach. Fortunately for us, here in San Diego, we can drive right down to the water in one of our bays. With our adventure truck and four-wheel drive, we get closer than most, giving us our own piece of waterfront property. Unfortunately, many have been lost to the ocean forever due to a lack of traction, planning, and a rising tide.

three children sitting on bedslide over the water

With a little bit of spot picking, being selective of things like “best tanning spots” and “best place to build a sand castle” (we have our priorities straight), we find ourselves our own little peninsula and back right in. The boys sit on our bedslide deck as they get ready for the water and the hitch holds them firm while they lounge on the mobile veranda.

mother kissing her baby in the water

Baby of course loves just splashing in the water and getting kisses from Chelsea.

Three brothers sitting on bedslide over water

I love the fact that a truck and trailer can help make a small part of the beach feel like your own backyard. Sitting out on a deck watching the fish swim down below in the blue and green water. Squirting your brother with a squirt gun until he starts to cry “Moooooooom.” That is what life is all about. And, I love the fact that, as a truck and trailer owner, I can get so much done with just one hitch.

Trailer connected to truck at the beach

All towing is possible with B&W Hitches. Now that you’re prepared, the rest is just adventure.


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