Helpful Tips for your Kids Eye Exam

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This post is sponsored by Think About Your Eyes, a national public awareness campaign for vision health.

I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was in third grade. Prior to that, nobody knew I had vision issues because my parents didn’t realize that comprehensive kids eye exams needed to be scheduled for my sister and I. To be fair, this was back in the day when many screenings and vaccinations were handled directly through the school nurse. School screenings can often miss a vision problem! I started getting headaches in the afternoon and struggling to comprehend what the teacher was talking about. A visit to the doctor determined that I was, in her words, “Blind as a bat!” and a pair of specs got me back up to speed in no time.

Tips for your kid’s first eye exam

My son is headed into 2nd grade, and his teacher’s parting send-off letter at the end of the year urged parents to go ahead and schedule an annual eye exam at the beginning of the summer. She said that since all of our kids now know numbers and letters well enough to read the chart, a routine eye exam would be quick and easy. With tons of camps and playdates on the docket for the next couple months, moms and dads definitely want their kids to be seeing everything properly! Plus, the small lull at the beginning of the season is a great time to get caught up on health checks.

Here are Helpful Takeaways from our Kids Eye Exam

Kid’s first eye exam

We went ahead and scheduled our visit on, where 19,000 eye doctors have joined in a national public awareness campaign about vision health. A few of our local doctors offer scheduling options directly online. With a couple of clicks, we were lined up for a same-day appointment!


Every kid has their “grumpy time.” For my oldest kid, 2pm is when he hits a slump. For my younger one, 5pm is the witching hour. One of our middle sons isn’t great with mornings – he seriously doesn’t function well until he’s had a couple hours to fully wake up. Be considerate of your kid’s usual timing, and try to schedule their appointment for times when they’re usually feeling chipper.

Prepare Your Kid

We hopped on YouTube and watched a little video featuring my son’s favorite cartoon character getting an eye exam, so he knew what to expect. There are also a few different books out there to help little kids prepare for an eye exam. I explained to my son that the doctor might put drops in his eyes, but it wouldn’t hurt and there would be NO needles.

Kid waiting in the waiting room

Arrive Early, and Bring Entertainment

We got there 15 minutes ahead of time to fill out paperwork. Thankfully, our doctor’s waiting room had a TV for the boys to look at, but I realized that I should have brought a book or some small toys. My oldest son is the type who tends to get a little worked up about any office visit, so distractions are key.

Kid looking at eye exam machine

Technology is Fun!

The rooms were relatively quiet and empty during our session, so I took a moment to walk my son around to the machines and explain what they did. With an up-close view, this technology wasn’t intimidating – it was fascinating!

Kid’s first eye exam with doctor

Communicate with the Doctor

I brought a short list of questions and concerns for our doctor to make sure I wouldn’t forget anything. Our routine exam was pretty straightforward, but it was helpful for me to be prepared so I didn’t forget anything.

As my son’s teacher said, summertime is the perfect time to take your children in for an annual comprehensive eye exam. Head to to book your exam today!

Have your children had their first kids eye exam yet?


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