12 Frozen Paleo Treats

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I love a frozen popsicle in the summer, but I don't so much love all the sugar and additives that tend to come along with it. Desserts don't have to be fake to taste fantastic! Homemade is way better. These are all cold, delicious and GOOD for you. Best of all, these aren't all dessert recipes – there are even some breakfast and snacktime options mixed in there. Because who doesn't love a chilly bite on a warm summer morning?

Simple and delicious gluten-free and sugar-free frozen treats - perfect for summer

It's getting hot as heck here in San Diego (we already had a bunch of wildfires, in case you aren't up on the news) and the family and I are working up a storm completing renovations both indoor and out. When we bought this house, we should have considered the cost of two summers' worth of labor on top of the actual payment. Fixer-uppers, man. But it's coming together beautifully and the effort is well worth it. Plus, it's good for us to work up a sweat and an appetite once in a while. And I think it's good for the boys to see their parents putting in long days of work. This is what it takes to fulfill dreams.

Va-Va-Voom Vanilla & Choco PB Heaven “Ice Cream” Cake
Frozen Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Bites
Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Frozen Fudge Bars
Easy Peach Frozen Yogurt
Sweet Paleo Frozen Breakfast
Paleo Holiday Ice Cream
Whipped Pineapple Smoothie
Frozen Chocolate Nut Bar
Mango Coconut Sherbert
Paleo Frozen Chocolate Sea Salt Pie
Coconut Banana Popsicles

Shhh…don't tell anyone, but I think some of these recipes sound so refreshing, they may well be served for dinner here soon. Perhaps poolside after some extended time in the sun.


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