Girls’ Night Drinks, minus the Alcohol

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Back in college, girls' night was ALL about Margarita Monday or Wine Wednesday. We studied hard and partied harder at UCLA! Now, though, it seems like every gal I know is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Seriously. I think there's been something in the water (or the wine, rather). As a result, girls' night drinks these days are a little more tame and a little less tequila. Because I was one of the first of the group to have kids, I have a bit of an edge on everyone else in that I've become quite the expert on mixing up some delicious non-alcoholic girls' night drinks along with fun preggo-friendly appetizers.

My Favorite Non-Alcoholic Girls' Night Drinks

I also like to include a variety of appetizers to please everyone's tastes, whether they're craving nachos or salad. You may be surprised to find that everything you need for the perfect girls' night drinks are already in your refrigerator.

Girls night in drinks (minus the alcohol)

What are your favorite girls' night drinks?


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