12 Hot Cocktails to Keep you Warm

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I don't drink all that often, so when I do I like to make it something really special. Hot cocktails in the winter are one of my favorite indulgences. Warm spiced cocoa, mulled wine or Irish coffee are some of my favorites when we go out scoping for Christmas sights or watching the lighted boats go by in one of our west coast celebrations. Whether it's rum or bourbon or Bailey's, hot cocktails are hard to beat on a chilly night.

12 hot cocktails to keep you warm this winter

Next time you're out on the town, with a full moon overhead and glittering green and red lights reflecting off the wet pavement, add to the ambiance with a little imbibement. Ask the bartender to whip up one of these hot cocktail specialties to make the night just a little more magical.

My Favorite Hot Cocktails

There are hot cocktails in here for any situation, whether you're looking for something to get the party started or simply want a pairing to cuddle up with by the fireplace while you watch a movie. Need a little pick-me-up to stave off a winter cold? Try a ginger-lemon concoction in, perfectly suited for those who may be feeling a bit under the weather. Get the day going with an earl grey hot toddy or Irish coffee, or close out the night with some boozy hot chocolate. You can be the hostess with the mostess when you serve up some fancy spiced punch, mulled wine or hot buttered hazelnut whiskey.

There's a living nativity at the church near my step-grandfather's old home that we used to visit when I was younger. They were the first ones I ever saw serving mulled wine (for the adults) and hot cocoa for the kiddos. Standing there in the biting snow, gloves and hats on-hand and singing carols…that's quite possibly what started my love affair with hot cocktails.

Does your family enjoy hot cocktails during the winter?


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