DIY Coffee Ornaments are SO Easy

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Looking for easy homemade Christmas gifts? These coffee ornaments are made with a couple easy supplies, they whip up in no time at all, and they can easily be made in bulk. Gift your whole neighborhood, your church group, and all your friends and family!

Coffee ornaments that are easy to make with just three supplies empty ornaments vinyl and coffee beans

The direct instructions and templates required for our coffee ornaments are at the bottom of the post – scroll on down to get going right away, or read on for all the information and questions and answers you could possibly think of!

Coffee Christmas Ornaments are Easy and Fun

These will look so cute on the Christmas tree! You could also make a coffee cup Christmas ornament with a similar concept: buy a small clear coffee cup with a lid, vinyl it up, fill it with coffee beans and loop a string from the handle to hang it from the tree. These would be such fun gifts for a coffee lover! Handmade pieces are always the best gift.

What to Know about Coffee Beans

While these are extremely rare to encounter, it's worth noting that you should not use unroasted coffee beans in your coffee Christmas ornaments. Coffee beans are roasted at 500 degrees, which kills any potential germs that could cause mold to develop later. When roasted, these will last in an ornament indefinitely (although probably wouldn't be the quality you'd want to brew coffee from after a year or so).

Looking for more coffee stuff?

What to Know about the Cricut Joy

We've had a lot of readers try making various stickers with kits and printables, but most wind up wanting to buy the Cricut Joy once they see how easy it is to use. It's the least expensive and most portable machine that Cricut currently makes, which means it's the perfect way to dabble in easy crafting. Especially when you consider the cost of buying separate gifts for everyone on your list (compared to investing in a machine now to make handmade gifts for people for years to come!) it's a no-brainer. We absolutely love our Cricut Joy. Here are more projects we've made with ours:

Tips for Perfecting your Christmas Ornaments

One of the most important things about crafting at home is to create a clear, clean space. This is especially important with see-through projects like our coffee ornaments. Nobody wants to see any dust or grime in their handmade items! Clean your space well with some clean-up wipes or a sponge and cleaning solution. I go as far as vacuuming and using a cat hair roller, since we have so many animals around. This is my routine with all Cricut projects, and it's extra important for iron-on or infusibles, where you don't get a second chance!

I used permanent vinyl for maximum durability of my coffee ornaments, and if you mess up in transferring it can sometimes smudge a little bit. If that happens, don't stress, just use some rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to remove additional residue. If you're a beginner crafter or it's your first time with a Cricut machine, removable vinyl is a safe bet while you learn how placement works.

Placement is actually very easy, especially with small projects like those you'll be making with the Cricut Joy. The dimensions of our vinyl transfer in this case are less than two inches in either direction, which is a perfect beginner project! It helps to have a quality weeder (it's basically like a little pointy tip, or even tweezers will work in a pinch). This is what you'll use to pull the excess vinyl away from your cut for a perfectly-adorable expression.

Once you have the excess vinyl pulled away from your design, simply cut down transfer tape to the size of your design, press onto the vinyl, lift gently while watching to make sure every edge is pulling up nicely, then press onto your coffee ornament and pull the transfer tape away. Voila! You now have a handmade ornament that looks totally professional and would make the perfect gift for anyone on your list!

I actually have a lot of readers email me to say that they didn't know about transfer paper when they got into vinyl designs, and were attempting to pick up the individual little pieces of vinyl and perfectly place them on their final design. I can't even imagine that painstaking work! Trust me: get transfer tape. Your life will be so much easier. Make sure to get the regular transfer tape for regular vinyl, and not StrongGrip (which is typically reserved for heavyweight vinyl like the kind with glitter).

Speaking of simplicity, I love that the Cricut Joy uses Smart Vinyl with a strong backing that can be fed straight into the machine. No mats required! That alone saves me tons of time. I do have mats in all sorts of varieties for more complicated projects such as when I'm sewing or making large signs. Easy stuff like these ornaments, though? Smart Vinyl saves me tons of time and energy.

DIY Ornaments make the Best Memories

I vividly remember making ornaments like this with my grandma. Of course, she didn't have a vinyl machine – just lots of ornament supplies plus your typical kid craft essentials like paint, markers, stickers and fun things to put in or glue onto the ornaments. If you want your kids to have a hand in a craft like this, simply do the vinyl bit for younger children and then let them fill the ornaments with whatever they'd like! You could even make DIY ornaments that serve as tributes to their favorite characters, memories from the year, ones with photos of their friends and family, whatever you'd like!

And if coffee's not your jam at all, you could fill yours with tea, hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, M&Ms, or anything related to your own hobbies and preferences. I can envision a jewelry-maker filling hers with beads, or a music-lover putting beloved guitar picks in theirs as a personal keepsake. Avid outdoorsmen may put dried berries, nuts and tiny twigs to look back on their adventures from the year, or even shells and sand for beach-goers! Got a hairdresser you'd like to gift to for the season? Fill theirs with hairbands, tiny clips and bobby pins! The options with custom vinyl and an empty ornament are totally endless. My kids even made tiny drawing to stick in one of theirs.

How to Make Coffee Ornaments

Easy DIY coffee ornaments

These coffee ornaments are the perfect gift for a java-loving friend or family member!

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy



  1. Print out our "But First, Coffee" vinyl template from Cricut.
  2. Apply vinyl to empty plastic Christmas ornaments.
  3. Fill coffee ornaments halfway with coffee beans.
  4. Gift to whoever you want!

Who will you give coffee ornaments to?


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