25 Wholesome, Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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Our Christmas elf has been tromping around the house and getting into our mandarins! Do you have a Christmas elf at home? We've certainly heard about the occasional mischievous Christmas elf, but ours seems to like teaching the kids lessons about healthy snacking and helping out at home.

25 wholesome ideas for an Elf on the Shelf or Christmas Elf

Here are some of our favorite family-friendly ways that we've seen the classic Christmas elf demonstrating good behavior for little boys and girls. Who knows, maybe your Christmas elf will want to borrow one or two of these tactics to encourage a happy holiday season!

Christmas Elf Gone Good

  1. The Christmas elf likes to help solve problems
  2. Sack race elf
  3. This Christmas elf tells time
  4. We call this “Personal Hygiene Elf
  5. Some Christmas elves like to read
  6. This is how the house stays clean during holidays
  7. Someone has to make music to keep everyone entertained!
  8. When the kids are sick, it's elf to the rescue. Why not have him appear in his very own tiny face mask?
  9. Christmas elf can even remind the kids to get their exercise
  10. Helpful decorator elf makes life a little easier
  11. At least this one is TRYING to wrap presents
  12. Does dinner elf deliver?
  13. Teacher elf offers helpful lessons
  14. Christmas elf can challenge kids to lend a hand
  15. Toothpaste elf delivers new brushes
  16. “Write on” elf offers a little reward to encourage printing practice
  17. This kind elf suggests a thoughtful gesture for friends
  18. Every elf has a special talent, and this one can sew
  19. When mom and dad are busy, the Christmas elf can even pack lunch
  20. A Christmas elf can color when he's bored – and offer up some coloring sheets for the kiddos!
  21. This Christmas elf practices math
  22. Encouraging bonding time, this one set up a fun family activity on the weekend
  23. Can the photographer elf help with family photos? Yes, yes he (or she) can
  24. Maybe Christmas elf can lend a hand with laundry…or not
  25. He could also be into some good old-fashioned fun and games

What are some favorite pastimes for your Christmas elf?


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