30 Ways to Use Carabiners

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I don't rock climb, but I know just about as many ways to use carabiners as any expert belayer on the cliff.

These tips to drink more water are good for people on-the-go...not the usual infuse it with berries and put out eight cups in the morning stuff

As a busy family full of frequent travelers, carabiners have quickly become our go-to solution to just about every clutter management and survival issue we've encountered!

30 Non-Cliffside Ways to Use Carabiners

30 ways to use carabiners, from survival to home uses and travel.

Here are a few quick-and-dirty tips to use carabiners of all shapes and sizes:

  1. Hook a water bottle (with a loop lid) to your bag.
  2. Hang stuff around your front door nob so you won't forget it.
  3. Brass knuckles for emergency self defense.
  4. Keep keys together and detach them in a flash.
  5. Stay cool by keeping a fan on-hand.
  6. Hang scarves in a closet.
  7. Meat tenderizer.
  8. Clothesline attacher.
  9. Loop table legs together with a large carabiner for a bigger space that won't keep pulling apart.
  10. Ensure that your kids stop losing their stuffed animals by looping it through the manufacturing tag.
  11. Keep shoes together in a cluttered closet.
  12. Extend a short zipper.
  13. Free up your shopping hands at the mall by hooking bag handles together. Loop the whole thing from your stroller or cart!
  14. Stop losing your baseball hat.
  15. Air-dry your swimsuit.
  16. Emergency slingshot.
  17. Hang signs anywhere.
  18. Bottle opener.
  19. Untangle electrical cords.
  20. Communicate a quick message to your kids' teacher by inserting a note in a plastic sleeve or ziplock bag and clipping it to your kids' backpack.
  21. For babysitters, laminate important documents and loop them from a key hanger by the front door.
  22. Get buckets and tools off the ground by clipping them to a fence.
  23. Keep losing your ponytail holders? Loop them all together!
  24. Attach to the ends of a tarp and hook it to a tree for some instant shade.
  25. Increase closet storage space by hanging belts like this.
  26. Organize coupons or reward cards.
  27. Hang purses from a chain.
  28. Make a coat rack with a towel rod and some carabiners.
  29. Dog leash attachment.
  30. Rappel a bucket up and down from your kids' tree fort. They'll get a kick out of it.

What are some of your favorite ways to use carabiners?


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