DIY Fruit Roll Ups

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Spring is upon us! I'm currently staring at a big box of fresh herbs ready for planting. I'm so excited for berries harvested from the garden, jelly made at home and my kids' favorite DIY fruit roll ups.

DIY Fruit Roll Ups

Strawberry-picking is a big thing here in San Diego. We have farms that let you go collect a big basket with the family for a pretty low price. We come home with buckets and buckets, all lip-stained and ready to do some laundry. When I was a kid growing up in Washington, blackberries were the go-to fruit. Either would lend well to DIY fruit roll ups. Blueberries are another one of my favorites, and I've found that even watery fruits can lend well to fruit roll ups when paired with something thicker like a banana.

How to Make DIY Fruit Roll Ups

DIY Fruit Roll Ups

Hull the berries (the stems will make the DIY fruit roll ups mix too bitter). Mix it all in a blender until smooth and liquidy. If your kids are picky about seeds, a strainer like this can help.

DIY Fruit Roll Ups

Pour about an eighth-inch thick layer onto a solid dehydrator sheet or a piece of parchment paper.

DIY Fruit Roll Ups

Bake in the oven at 150-200 degrees (as low as it'll go) for 4-6 hours until tacky or in a dehydrator for 4 hours at 115 degrees. We love our no-frills Nesco dehydrator. It's served us well for about five years now.

DIY Fruit Roll Ups

I cut mine into pieces and lay it on parchment paper to keep it fresh. My boys like it flat, but it'll also roll. I love that these DIY fruit roll ups are just fruit! No additives needed when you use ripe, deliciously sweet berries. In our experience they can last about two months on the shelf when sealed properly, but I prefer to store them in the fridge to keep them as fresh as possible.

How to make DIY fruit roll ups with JUST fruit, in either a dehydrator or an oven.

They make for the perfect snack on the trail or at school.

Has your family ever made DIY fruit roll ups? What's your favorite flavor?


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