A Rubber Ducky Birthday

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rubber ducky

Some Boy just celebrated his first birthday and it was a HUGE hit! We went with a rubber ducky birthday theme, which meant little yellow ducky decorations and favors everywhere.

rubber ducky birthday invites

Minted tragically doesn't have these invites in-stock anymore, but Amazon has some adorable ones that are similar. I loved the little duck images, and quite a few guests went with the theme and actually brought rubber ducky inspired birthday presents!

birthday banner

birthday decorations

first birthday cupcake wrappers

We opted for blue and yellow birthday party decorations bought online including a party banner, cupcake wrappers, cake pop stands, treat tags and boxes, decorative paper and straw flags. They were all a huge hit with guests (and with me because they matched the theme perfectly and I didn't have to slave for hours creating it all myself!).

rubber ducky birthday treats

rubber ducky cake pops

Yes, those are rubber ducky birthday cake pops. I made fifty and they were all gone in minutes.

first birthday cake

Some Boy got his very own cake with a little rubber ducky candle (yes, we blew it out for him and promptly took them away before he could ingest any wax…but it made for cute pictures). You can see I frosted the cake blue and piped white bubbles on there so it looked like the duck was floating on a pond. After a little prodding, Some Boy hesitantly smashed his cake to pieces and smeared frosting all over himself. And let me tell you: buttercream frosting is really, really hard to wash off a baby. Imagine slathering your baby in butter and you'll know what I'm talking about. That stuff does NOT come off.

rubber ducky birthday party favors

Of course, you can't have a party without favors! Rubber ducky birthday favors included little rubber ducky keychains, mini rubber ducks and white rubber ducks that people decorated with sharpies.

rubber ducky birthday game

I screwed hooks into the backs of some of the floaty ducks (you can see it made some of them a tinsy bit lopsided) and set them afloat in a baby pool, where guests had fun trying to hook them with makeshift poles made from gardening stakes with ribbon and washers tied to them.

I also bought a blow-up rubber ducky pool from Amazon that we filled with ice and drinks. I forgot to get a picture of that but it was ADORABLE. If you ever plan to have a rubber ducky birthday party, I'd recommend you buy one of those because it got quite a bit of attention!


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  1. I love this! You thought of every single detail… I think I will have to pin it so I will remember for my kids birthday’s!

  2. You did such an awesome job! I love all the little details! Your son is a doll too 🙂

  3. I loooooove this idea for a birthday party–and you totally reminded me that I need to start thinking about Sawyers birthday! And you babe is so cute!

    • Thanks Ashley! My youngest will be having his first in November and I’m already getting excited about it. I’m thinking an elephant theme would be cute. Or squirrels. Too many choices!!

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