Adventurous Families Need All-Terrain Truck Tires

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Discount Tire and Goodyear. All opinions are 100% mine.

Using our family truck, we travel all over the United States' roads (and off-roads). All-terrain truck tires are essential for getting us from point A to point B – via the freeway, city roads and even the occasional backwoods trail. We're working with Goodyear and Discount Tire to share a new tire that can handle any road your traveling family might encounter!

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Our family has put down over 100,000 miles traveling across the great United States of America. We enjoy seeing everything from museums to mountains, forests to fine dining. Of course, we also love taking our family pickup. Our travel is by no means an “all paved” affair. That's why our adventurous family is always looking for the latest and greatest in all-terrain truck tires. This time around, we're checking out the Goodyear Wrangler® UltraTerrain AT tires found exclusively at our trusted tire dealer, Discount Tire and America's Tire!

The Science of All-terrain Truck Tires

When Discount Tire and Goodyear worked together to create the Goodyear Wrangler® UltraTerrain AT tire, they were specifically looking to create a tire that paired on-road comfort with off-road traction and capability. Goodyear constructed the new Wrangler UltraTerrain AT tire with toughness and strength in mind to keep us on the road longer. This new tire resists tread chunking by using a special tread compound that helps keep that all important all-terrain goodness in one piece. This, of course, offers all the benefits of the tire you want…longer.

Quiet Tires are Golden

A common complaint about all-terrain truck tires stems from the noise that most tend to produce while cruising down a paved road. But having a diverse and effective tread doesn't mean you have to be heard coming from six blocks away! I mean, that was cool in the early nineties, but this is a new era where you can be polite in the city while still performing like a pro in the countryside. With advanced technology, Quiet Performance IS possible. These tires are much quieter than a lot of other all-terrain truck tires out there.

Tire Looks that Thrill

Goodyear really stepped up their game when they hit the drawing board for these tires. The new Goodyear Wrangler® UltraTerrain AT tires are mean looking – for good reason. Their new optimized tread design helps distribute stress evenly and promotes uniform wear due to an optimized footprint and contact patch. It has multi-angled lateral grooves, biting edges, and deep tread elements, and it's Constructed with Durability. It's every bit as aggressive as I want my tire to be.

All terrain truck tires spare on back of truck

All-Terrain Truck Tires that are Always Ready for Adventure

Any time I get a new set of tires, I make sure I cover a few simple bases. I learned some things from past mistakes that helped me establish the confidence I have in what works. I need to know that I have all-terrain truck tires that can get me through the day. For me, that means a perfect and beautiful, matching spare.

Real World Tire Testing

As soon as I got my Goodyear Wrangler® UltraTerrain AT, I drove them home, loaded up my camp trailer and hit the road. I set out through San Diego, Los Angeles, and miles of neglected California black top. Then, I finally arrived in the Eastern Sierras; one of my favorite places in the world. With a quick right turn, I left the pavement behind. Soon, my new Wrangler Ultraterrain AT tires were dipping their tread into the dusty trails that had been carved through the mountains I so loved. They performed great. I knew these Wranglers could be trusted, not only on road, but off as well.

When it comes to the internet nowadays, showing is knowing. By that, I mean that words are cheap and seeing is believing. So, here you can see: this is a tire that is perfectly suited to being ‘sticky' on and off the paved thoroughfares. It has a tread that grips all the way across and then some. What's better, these all-terrain truck tires aren't just for trucks. If you have a desire to take your family on more adventures and are looking for a fantastic all-terrain tire to get you there, look no further than the Goodyear Wrangler® UltraTerrain AT sold exclusively at Discount Tire.

Get Out and Stay Out with All Terrain Truck Tires

The main purpose of a good all-terrain tire is to provide confidence to anyone driving on them. The confidence to not stay close to home or civilization. The confidence to not worry about contingencies. To really immerse themselves in the great outdoors, adventurous families need the confidence of knowing that their experience will be…well…great. That's the freedom of reliable all-terrain truck tires. They give you peace of mind knowing that you're prepared for any adventure, any trail, and anything that the road may send your way.

Do you have all-terrain truck tires yet?

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