Galaxy’s Edge Disney World Walkthrough

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After years of anticipation, Galaxy's Edge Disney World has opened! Before you head to this new area of the park, it’s worth noting that this section of the park is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Some might even say it's…out of this world.

Our family had the amazing opportunity to attend the media preview day of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland a couple months ago. After that, I was sooo excited to be invited by Walt Disney World to the check out THEIR version this week! Our group was allotted two hours to do a quick walkthrough. I was SO ready to compare, contrast, and maybe get my hands on a curved-hilt lightsaber.

What to know about Galaxy’s Edge Disney World

Galaxy's Edge Disney World Location

Galaxy's Edge Disney World is located in Disney's Hollywood Studios As you may know, Star War's Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland has three entrances: Critterland, behind Big Thunder Mountain, and near Fantasyland. Galaxy's Edge Disney World has two: Muppets Courtyard and Toy Story.

The layouts and spaceship placement differs in the two parks, but they are both 14 acres total and offer near-identical experiences (with very minor differences in things like paint colors on the walls and dining options).

Galaxy's edge must-know tips and tricks

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Reservations

To visit this new section of Hollywood Studios, you will need to request access on the My Disney Experience app as soon as you're in Hollywood Studios. Anyone in your party who wants to queue for the land MUST request access in the app. Turn on push notifications to receive updates about your place in line. When your Boarding Group is called you have two hours to enter. Once in, you can stay as long as you'd like – but be aware that there are no ins and outs! If you leave, you'll need to queue all over again in the app.

Galaxy's Edge Disney World Droid Depot creating a droid

There is ONE other way in. Reservations for Oga's CantinaSavi's Workshop, and Droid Depot can be made 180 days in advance. If you have a reservation then you can enter one hour prior to your reservation and do NOT need to also get a Boarding Pass. For Oga's Cantina, guests are charged a $10 per person deposit that is applied to their meal and forfeit if they no-show. For Savi's Workshop, guests are charged the $199.99 builder fee which is forfeit if they no-show. Guests are allowed to bring two non-paying guests into the experience with them. For Droid Depot, guests can bring one guest into the building area with them and are charged a $99 per person penalty for any no-shows.

Guests with reservations can enter through Fantasyland in Disneyland or through Muppets Courtyard in Disney World.

Crowds at Galaxy's Edge

If you've been following the buzz around Galaxy's Edge Disney World, you probably know that crowds have been wildly erratic at both parks. My advice is to actually try to head into the experience later in the afternoon, as crowd studies have shown that people have been rushing the area early in the day and leaving the rest of the park largely empty. Enjoy the rest of the park during the day and make your way into Galaxy's Edge for a beautiful sunset.

millennium falcon

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run does not have a FastPass!

There is a new ride in the Galaxy’s Edge section of the park, and that is Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. At this time, though, this ride does not have a FastPass and may not get one either! Right now this is the only ride in this unique area of the park, but a new Rise of the Resistance ride is set to open soon!

Galaxy's Edge Oga's Cantina

Galaxy's Edge Disney World Dining Options

Over at Oga’s Cantina, you will find some fun drinks and small plates. At Docking Bay 7 there are six small options, and you can also enjoy tons of roasted meat at Ronto Roasters, grab a savory popcorn snack at Kat Saka's Kettle, and at the Milk Stand you can find the famous milk that Luke Skywalker drank in the movies. Also, don't miss the opportunity to buy the infamous Coke bottle thermal detonaators!

Blue Milk ingredient list Green Milk ingredient list

Worth noting is that “Blue Milk” and “Green Milk” are non-dairy. Lactose intolerant friends, rejoice!

quiet photo area in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

There are a Ton of Galaxy's Edge Photo Opps

There are a bunch of fantastic photo opportunities here that you will only find at Galaxy’s Edge Disney World. Come fully decked out in your fave Star Wars garb, or be prepared to buy some fun new outfits and take advantage of the amazing backdrops and character opportunities. Don't forget that the best times for photography are early in the morning, late in the afternoon near sunset, or anytime you have a strong cloud cover to diffuse light.


Galaxy’s Edge Merchandise

If you want authentic-looking merchandise from the Star Wars universe, you will want to make sure that you head to Galaxy’s Edge! While you won’t find anything that is specifically labeled Star Wars (because you're in the authentic land which does not consider itself to be a brand), you will be able to make your lightsaber, get your own Star Wars outfits, and so much more!

Storm Trooper in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney World

Star Wars Characters will be Wandering around the Park

If you are looking for unique photo opportunities or a chance to meet some of your favorite characters, you’ll find many of them here! From Chewy to Rey, you’ll find many Star Wars characters walking around Galaxy’s Edge. They are there to meet guests and take photos, so don’t miss out!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge guide

Star Wars Culture is LEGIT

Both guests and cast members are fully immersed in the Star Wars culture when you are here. This means it can sometimes be hard to get directions, and even the price of items are in ‘credits'! If you need directions to the lightsaber making location, you will be met with phrases such as “you can’t make that here” or “lightsabers are strictly prohibited.” Since these are considered contraband in the Star Wars universe, you'll need to get creative – or consult a map.

R2D2 in gift shop at Droid Depot

Galaxy's Edge Phone App Playtime

On your phone, download the Play Disney Parks app to use the Star Wars: Datapad. It'll help you translate galactic languages, hack into droids and scan objects for important cargo to fully envelop you in Star Wars lore.

Upcoming in the Park

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is opening December 5, 2019. Guests must be 40” (102 centimeters) or taller. The First Order is desperate to extinguish the spark of the Resistance. Your transport is captured, and guests must meet the call to action and escape! Thankfully, Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron and BB-8 are around to help.

Galaxy’s Edge Disney World is truly a one of a kind immersive experience. The characters are well worth the reservation and visit alone! Paired with the dining, ride and backdrops, this is an absolute must-do adventure.


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