An Artemis Fowl Printable Fairy Book

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Do you read the Artemis Fowl series with your kids? Our oldest son is totally obsessed, so we're working with Disney Book Group today to create an Artemis Fowl printable fairy book that gets the whole family in on the action!

Kid reading Artemis Fowl

The complete series has gone through a whole packaging redesign that's NOW available in stores to help everyone gear up for the release of the movie. It's going to be a major motion picture from The Walt Disney Studios on August 9th, and we're so excited! We always love to be a little bit ahead of the curve, reading books whose movies aren't out yet. It keeps the kids excited about books, and engaged with pop culture.

I'm stoked to see Judi Dench as Commander Root, Nonso Anozie as Butler and Josh Gad as Mulch Diggums.

Artemis Fowl new cover

The kids are really, really excited about the new artwork and can't wait to see their favorite characters come to life on screen.

Kids love reading Artemis Fowl

They're so excited, in fact, that it can be challenging to get the littler dudes to put the books down and listen to me read aloud each night. We've had great success with book-based sensory objects in the past, so we decided to give that a go with an Artemis Fowl printable fairy book.

Printer + Scissors = Artemis Fowl Printable Fairy Book

Artemis Fowl printable

How cute is this tiny little thing!? If you've read the books (and you totally should) you'll instantly recognize this as the fairies' Book of the People. Written in Gnommish, this ancient holy book is the key to unlocking their secrets and powers. It is said to be a “tiny golden volume the size of a matchbox,” so we've given it the proper measurements here!

The Template

Mini Book – Artemis

Click here or click on the image above to download a PDF of the Artemis Fowl printable fairy book.

Cutting out a mini book

There's nothing fancy needed. Just print it out onto regular old paper and cut out the template. I got the Gnommish text straight out of the first Artemis Fowl book, copying and pasting it into these tiny squares.

Printable mini book

You'll want to cut along the middle line between squares 11/14 and 6/3, but leave the end pieces (12/13 and 4/5) intact.

Artificial Aging

Making a distressed book with coffee

This part was really fun for the kids! They dipped a paper towel in a cup of cold coffee I had laying around (tea works just as well) and blotted it onto the paper to give it a worn golden-y look. Let dry for a couple hours.


Folding a mini. book

End-to-end, you'll make a little accordion like this…

Artemis Fowl mini fairy book

…and then fold the cover around the front like this. Easy peasy!


Mini. fairy. book

The book stands on its own and works perfectly well as a tiny display item. Since ours was seeing some serious playtime with the kids, though, I decided to dab a couple glue dots to keep it from coming apart. This thing was ready for lots of pretend adventures after I applied one long line along the spine and a couple spots where the back-to-back pages tend to pull apart. You could even throw some Mod Podge on the cover to give it a really polished look, but we opted for a more shabby chic approach.

Artemis Fowl printable-8

Will you use our Artemis Fowl printable fairy book with your kids?


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