Books for Kids

I Can Read! Mighty Truck Handprint Craft

Sidekick is going from transitional kindergarten (TK) into kindergarten this year, and I couldn’t possibly be more excited! TK was an amazing opportunity for him to get a jump on school. He knows his first 100 sight words, and he can sound out ones he doesn’t know.

How to Start a Kids Book Club Anywhere, Anytime

With all our independent study lately, the big kid has been looking for ways to dig through a book as a group when he doesn’t have access to the reading circles that are often found in a classroom. We read one-on-one, but a ton of learning and connection comes from reading with your peers. A kids book club was needed to help him solidify what he was reading and and really get engaged!

Augmented Reality Books that Kids will Love

Teaching our oldest son how to read was a winding road. We shared a bit about our IEP process, how we dug into school choices for him, and how we set up an educational tablet to give him independence and gamify independent reading. Thanks to some amazing teachers and tools, he did eventually learn to read! However, he stuck strong to his claim that he “hates books.” Library time at school remained a problem. He couldn’t envision the characters, and kept getting distracted. We asked around for recommendations to help get him really involved with a story, and a friend suggested augmented reality books.

Sensory Tubes for Story Time

DIY Sensory Tubes for Story Time

This kid. He loves story time, but his version isn’t quite as subdued as I’d like. When he asks for a bedtime story, I have visions of us snuggling up together, pointing out the characters and discussing the objects on the pages. In reality, he dances circles around the room and acts out the various scenes while I run a loud monologue over the various sound effects created by him and his three brothers.