Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard

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School is starting back up! For us that means that at about 2pm every Monday through Friday we have a preschooler, transitional kindergartener and a 1st grader all rolling through the door demanding food at once. That and telling the legends of the playground. Very similar to a show involving dragons, armies and intrigue…just smaller.

Kid-friendly Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard

Oh yeah, and mom and dad are hungry too! We have a hard time snatching a bite away from this rowdy crowd, so we try to make after school snacks that are enjoyable for us as well. Here's one of our go-to crowd-pleasers. Oh, and did I mention bacon.

Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard

These quick and easy wraps have veggies, bacon, and a hint of sweetness that kids and adults both love.

  • 6 tortillas or wraps
  • 3 avocados
  • 20 bacon strips
  • 1/4 cup French's Honey Mustard
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  1. Lay wraps out and spread one side with mayonnaise.

  2. Top mayonnaise with bacon strips.

  3. Top bacon strips with chunks of avocado.

  4. Wrap the roll up and slice into bite-sized pieces like sushi.

  5. Serve.

Spreading bacon, mayonnaise and avocado on a tortilla

Chelsea makes these with tortillas for the kids, and gluten-free wraps or her 2-ingredient crepes for herself. The gluten-free wraps actually are made with some type of coconut and gave the whole thing a sweet pop to the overall flavor which was…interesting. I tolerate that version.

Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard

Some people are cautious about not getting food close to the edge so it doesn't squish out, but not us. We like to make real, messy, awesome food for our real, messy, awesome little humans. We're not going for perfection, here. That, and if they can see the bacon, they argue a whole lot less about consuming the tasty morsels.

Bacon Avocado Tortilla

This is delicious, jumbled beauty. Just like our lives.

4-year-old eating a bacon wrap

The kids, of course, are suspicious of anything green or vegetable-seeming. These wraps are actually how we introduced them to avocados. It's unacceptable to live in Southern California and not love avocados. Wrapping them up in bacon and mayonnaise and coating them with honey mustard did the trick. The boys can't get enough of these things.

French's Honey Mustard pairs perfectly with avocado

We buy French's because DUH…it's the best…but we also like that it's made with real honey and natural, stone ground mustard without any weird fillers or artificial stuff. My weirdo anti-gluten wife is also a fan of the fact that French's doesn't have wheat in their mustard. Not sure why anyone would go shoving bread components in mustard, anyway, but apparently that's a thing that happens with some knockoff-brand sauces when they're trying to thicken up a watered-down formula.


Preschooler eating an avocado roll-up

We'll be having none of that trickery in our house…unless it involves armies, dragons and other battle stuff.

Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard | afterschool snack | easy wrap | tortilla wrap

Next time you're on the lookout for a tasty, satisfying concoction of bacon and avocado, give this a go!

What's your favorite after school snack?


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