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Some of you spotted this stroller in our infant car seat post and asked about it. I've been eager to share the gadget that's been helping us survive with four kids 6 and under!

Our family of six with the stroller Our sponsor Graco sent over the RoomFor2 Stroller at the beginning of the summer, and we've had a chance to test it everywhere from theme parks to malls, parks and grocery stores. With a 2-year-old and baby to contend with, I was initially pretty stoked at the prospect of having a slim double stroller that let me seat both. The original title of this post was actually, “This Stroller does Double-Duty” but that didn't feel right. It does SO much more than that!

Double-duty stroller

In full travel mode with the car seat snapped in to the front, this bad boy leaves a standing platform and small padded seat just under the handlebars. It's perfect for a toddler to hop into, or just a quick and easy spot where I can rifle through the diaper bag.

Baby in the RoomFor2 stroller

Back to its intended purposes, though, the car seat clicks in and out easily without any added adapters or annoying adjustments so I can decide on a whim if I want to click baby in with the car seat for a quick errand or buckle him in like a big boy so he has more room to spread out. Those groove areas on either side of him are where the canopy snaps in. It's not huge, which is the biggest gripe I've seen about this stroller. I personally love that it can be removed since those things usually wind up acting as one extra component for my children to yank and tug on, but we did couple it with a canopy extender to keep baby safe when we were in the blazing Florida sun a couple months back.

This is the biggest, most handy stroller basket I've ever had

When you're done with the car seat altogether, there is a snack tray that snaps in in front of baby, right on the bar that the car seat hooks into. Bam is a total boss, and thinks that this little ledge exists to act as his footrest. I'm also a fan of the HUGE basket underneath that has flexible sides (no rigid bars, yay!) so I can cram ALL the things in there. Up top, there's a nice big cup holder that I've managed to fit four Starbucks drinks into.

I need lots of caffeine, you guys.

This is the stroller we've been using with the toddler and baby | travel stroller | double stroller | convertible stroller | standing stroller

At the end of the day, this thing folds down nice and flat – again, thanks to the big stretchy basket at the bottom that doesn't have any bars to add bulk. It's not bigger than most of my single strollers and it does a WHOLE lot more. While I'd say the wheels are ideal for pavement, we've also pushed this thing through a fair share of grassy parks without issue.

Do you have any tips for containing a baby and a toddler at once?


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