We Put a Bed in our Living Room and Here’s What Happened

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We’re still renovating our farm and our house, and our current big project is putting a bathroom in the master bedroom. There’s a lot going on in there. Plumbing, tile, demo. The works! Nate and I can’t sleep in there while all that’s going down, so we had to find an alternative. We thought about sleeping in one of our offices (too close to the back door), the playroom (too messy) and the boys’ room (too stinky). The solution? Putting a bed in our living room.

The washer and dryer were already moved into our outdoor laundry shed, and the contractors were ready to break ground. We were shuffling all of our stuff around, moving furniture, boxes, and messing things up as best we could when we realized that it made sense to go ahead and get the new mattress that we ultimately want to have in our bedroom.

Whole family in a bed in the living room

Our old mattress is totally falling apart, and it wasn’t going to handle the trip from the bedroom to the living room and back to the bedroom. I already wasn’t stoked about sleeping on the ground for the month or two that the renovation would take, and I figured a new mattress would get me semi-excited about it.

Unrolling a bed in a box

We partnered with Serta on their first “out of the box” bed product called Serta SleepToGo. It costs about $450 less than most other mattresses in a box, and is two inches thicker on average. Plus, it's available for same-day purchase in a lot of Sam's Club stores in Queen, King and California King! Those sizes plus Twin and Full are also available online. If you've ever tried to bring home a standard California King mattress before, you'll understand the challenge of wrangling that gigantic thing around. Not anymore!

Buying a bed in a box

I was intrigued at the idea that someone managed to fit one of THOSE in a box, so off to Sam's Club I went. Indeed, this bad boy fit right into my mini-van.

This bed in a box has the easiest setup of any I’ve seen

The box that it's sold in comes with wheels, so I was able to roll it on up to the front door of the house, push it inside and plop the bed out right in our living room. It's made of memory foam which is magically squishy and expands in a matter of hours.

Unrolled boxed bed


Now we're sleeping on the bed in our living room, all cozy-like. My frustration over temporarily losing my master bedroom was quickly offset by the fact that I'm sleeping like a log AND I have the unexpected bonus of getting more family time. For movie night, we all cuddle up together in front of the TV. I daresay, this whole experience is actually bringing us closer together and we've had fun chatting over movies like ET, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Pocahontas.

Sam’s Club peanut butter

Side note: Sam's Club does deliver this mattress, but I suggest going on in so you can pick up the best peanut butter EVER while you're at it. I may or may not be totally eating this off of a spoon right now.

In my living room.

On a mattress.

Because I'm super classy like that.

Have you ever bought a boxed mattress? Would you ever set up a bed in your living room?


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