Our Absurdly Easy Hack to Bring Vegetables Camping

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Man, that's a click-baity title if I've ever read one! I hope you're not all expecting some epic Ziplock bag solution to help bring vegetables camping, or carrots sprayed with vinegar to make them last. I've tried all that stuff. It didn't work. Nope, our “hacks” nowadays tend to be more of the grab-and-go sort. Nate and I have four kids so when we say we have a simple solution, you're always going to find straightforward, honest, REAL answers even if it's something like “go to Target and buy this thing.” Ka-bam. Problem solved. It's not always creative, it's not Pinterest-y, but it'll get the job done as fast as possible and it'll usually save you money.

Our Grab-and-Go Camping Vegetables

Family gathered around the campfire

Last week I introduced you all to the veggie muffins that help us avoid the drive-thru. This week we're back with that same sponsor, Garden Lites, to share their Superfood Veggie Cakes. Just like the muffins we love so much, this solution to our camping vegetables solution is free of dairy, nuts, and gluten. They're little veggie muffins that are sort of like a mini quiche, but less egg-y. It's kind of hard to describe. They're 100 calories, and they incorporate nutrient-rich superfoods like kale and cauliflower. Most important of all, the boys absolutely gobble them up!

Mama and baby holding a box of Garden Lites Veggie Cakes

Instead of having to try to wrangle some sort of casserole situation or side dish to bring vegetables camping, I just grab a box of these from our freezer or swing by Target on our way out. I've been cooking these at home for ages as a quick side dish, and one day while I was packing up for camp it dawned on me that they would be absolutely ideal on the road, as well. They thaw overnight in our camping fridge or cooler chest, and then they crisp right up in a cast iron skillet!

Cooking vegetable muffins made by Garden Liers

The traditional instructions for cooking these call for an oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or a microwave, but we've found that any oven item can translate quite well to a skillet with a lid over low-medium heat. We just pay close attention and flip things like these muffins if they look like they need some more even heat distribution. I love that they come individually-wrapped for minimal mess and maximum cleanliness. When handling food items in a dusty camping area, little things like that can put your mind at ease as far as food safety. I've tried to make cheesy casseroles in areas where we were being dive-bombed by giant mosquitos, and it didn't end as well as this! You can't fully appreciate the idea of individual packages until you've seen a full broccoli dish get contaminated by uncontrolled elements of nature.The ability to get food cooking quickly and portion it out to hungry campers amidst bugs, dirt, snow, etc…it's a big deal.

Vegetable muffins cooking in a cast iron skillet at camp

I haven't tried wrapping them in foil and plopping them straight on a fire with a grate yet. That's next on my list. We often do that with chuck steak, for a perfectly tender melt-in-your mouth packet of deliciousness that's amazing with flavorful bursts of butter and garlic.

Feeding baby vegetable cakes while camping

I take my little camping vegetable out of the skillet, let them cool a bit, and feed them to the baby without any need for spoons or pouches or plates. The kids hold them in their hands and eagerly take bites while hanging out around the campfire.

Dad screwing around by the fire

Or doing…whatever it is boys do.

Boy not wanting to eat vegetables

No mess to clean up, and no fights over finishing their vegetables! Just simple, easy, healthy camping bliss.

How do you take vegetables camping?


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