The Best Rice Recipes Your Kids Will Love

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If you have picky eaters or kids who won't eat what you serve for lunch or dinner, these rice recipes are here to save the day!

These rice recipes are very easy and straightforward. The best part? Your kids will devour them!

Grilled rice and chicken casserole shop

Grilled Rice and Chicken Tailgating Casserole

If you have never had grilled rice START HERE! This Grilled Rice and Chicken Tailgating Casserole is one of Nate's favorite rice recipes to make for the boys, especially if we are going to have to pack for a sports game.

This recipe is very nutritious and a perfect way to get kids to eat rice as a game day snack!

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Easy Fried Rice – with Ham and Pineapple

This Easy Fried Rice with Ham and Pineapple from Foodtastic Mom is a great kid friendly easy rice recipe that will help you get dinner on the table on time.

To make this fried rice recipe you don't need cold rice, you can just stir fry your hot rice and serve, which I personally think is the best part of this recipe!

Rice recipes kk

Korean Ground Beef and Rice Bowls

If you are super busy and need something that cooks easy but also healthy, these Korean Ground Beef and Rice Bowls from The Recipe Critic might be for your family.

This rice recipe is Asian flavor packed and the ground beef takes only a few minutes to brown. If that's something you love then this brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger combination is a great start!

Cheese filled rice balls rice recipes

Italian Cheesy Rice Balls

This is great Italian rice recipe that consists of surprise cheese in the center which is one the things kids seem to love most about it.

Give this Cheesy Rice Balls from Mr Food a try today and let us know how it goes for you!

Mexicangroundbeefandrice 16 min

One Pot Mexican Ground Beef and Rice

This One Pot Mexican Ground Beef and Rice from This is Not Diet Food is a stove top dinner recipe loaded with ground beef, rice, salsa, corn and cheese that your kids will love to eat almost every day.

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Easy Sausage And Rice Bake

This is a great one pot rice recipe that will also feed your family on a very light budget!

Check out this Easy Sausage And Rice Bake recipe from Childhood 101.

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Vegetable Rice Cups

If you love cooking with your kids then this Vegetable Rice Cups from Premeditated Leftovers is one recipe you should add to your menu.

Your kids will enjoy eating something they helped make better!

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What are your kids favorite rice recipes to eat? Share with us!

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