Kickstarting the Adventure Camp with a Coffee Maker

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Every dog will have its day and every day will have its dawn. A cold, bleak, bleary dawn meant only to torment those of us not born to the fragment of the mutant population known as “morning people.” You know, the ones who wake up singing This Little Light of Mine as they dance their way into the warm shower. No sir, it's only cold showers for me.

Waking up at the campsite

This sensation, of course, can be multiplied when camping. Like if that two-year-old decided to army crawl all night around you and mommy. That cute little guy sure is a hoot. And a holler. And a toss and a turn. He's pretty much my pure bred personal teddy bear. Honestly, he and his brothers are what put the “T” in adventure. Why the “T?” I don't know. What did you expect, the “A”? That's so mainstream.

Our CVT rooftop camping setup

Enter the Camp Coffee Maker

Fortunately, this go around we were prepared and brought with us the elixir of life. Coffee! Sweet, savory coffee. Keurig helped us setup a brand new coffee station in the back of the truck, and we held the reins of our own morning destiny with a camp coffee maker. With the touch of a button and a dash of coffee pods, the curse of morning grog was lifted and cast back from whence it came like a slithery Gollum before a garishly-bright light. You can almost hear the chorus of angels singing in the glow of morning clouds above.

Donut shop coffee

A Multipurpose Machine

Chelsea even thought outside the box and came up with a great way the camp coffee maker could help improve our camping experience. We found that after a long cold night, the Keurig® was the perfect solution to get some much needed hot water. Chelsea enjoyed a cup of brown sugar oatmeal as a sweet side gift from the benevolent dispenser. That was actually a really nice surprise.

Children drinking chocolate milk

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Oatmeal and Soup!

I myself enjoyed a maple syrup and cream-filled coffee as I watched the boys drink away their own micro grog with stainless steel gauntlets flowing full of hot chocolate. I just loved watching their little hands grasp the big bottles as they drank in all the new memories from their camp coffee maching. As a little kid, these were at least some of the moments that I loved the most.

Little boys running around a campsite

“This,” I think, “this is what a morning campsite should look like.”

Memory-Making with a Camp Coffee Machine

I’ve discovered that with family camping and adventure, one of the hardest parts is making sure you have your head on right. For me, it’s about building lasting experiences for the boys to remember and enjoy. Not only a story to share with their friends back at school, but also a foundation for when they have their own kids. My goal has always been to create fun memories to make them smile ten years down the road.

It helps when you don’t start the morning walking around like a zombie.

Overland camping truck with rooftop tent

You see, camping doesn't have to be a difficult event where a major hardship is found the moment you open your eyes. You can conquer the day and have a totally relaxing time despite being miles from home. It's all under your control. The more positively I start my day off, the faster the boys can get to having fun and taking in the great things around them. That’s why I chose The Original Donut Shop® Coffee K-Cup® pods for our adventure mobile. So we can have instant coffee and other belly-warming drinks wherever we go at the push of a button.

Mom with coffee maker at the campsite

Chelsea doubly ensured that the fun won't stop, since she stocked up on enough of The Original Donut Shop® K-Cup® pods to last through an apocalypse.

She took that morning zombie analogy pretty seriously.

Climbing out of the rooftop rent to start the morning at our campsite.

Our camping setup has always looked a little different than most. Our family is kind of an oddity amongst adventurers, and that's okay with us. We'll sip our coffee, offer a cup up to our neighbors and keep on chugging. The horizon is our goal. The open road, the great plains, even the highest mountains and forests are all possibilities and part of the journey. Any technology that can get us closer to nature is welcomed with open arms. Especially when it comes in “cute red.”

Those are Chelsea's words, if you're wondering.

Morning coffee with the family at the campsite

For us, morning readiness is just a K-Cup® pod away.

Do you marry technology with your outdoor adventures?


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