Coffee Recipes

Morning coffee at the campsite

Kickstarting the Adventure Camp with a Coffee Maker

Every dog will have its day and every day will have its dawn. A cold, bleak, bleary dawn meant only to torment those of us not born to the fragment of the mutant population known as “morning people.” You know, the ones who wake up singing This Little Light of Mine as they dance their way into the warm shower. No sir, it’s only cold showers for me. This sensation, of course, is only multiplied when camping.

Camping coffee

Our Nighttime Camping Coffee Routine

They say necessity is the mother of invention. When there is a need that must be met or supplied, surely a solution will follow along riding on the back of ingenuity like a mighty knight to save the day. Over hill and dale, through snow or shine, atop rivers or lava. But what happens when the mother of four sons needs her coffee?