5 Home Air Health Essentials to help Survive Farm Life

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Having a little farm, it turns out, is a LOT of work. Nate and the boys are constantly shuffling around wood and dirt and hay – and I'm in a never-ending battle to keep all of that stuff from getting tracked all over my floors, couches and even counters. If your life looks similar, here are some home air health essentials to help get you through.

I know it's shocking that we have any home air health issues, what with the goats and sheep and various plants.

Dad and toddler getting hay for the goats

It's all worth it in the end, honestly. We simply take a few extra precautions and have some cool strategies up our sleeves to tackle air quality in the house.

Feeding the goats

Smart home features actually play a big role in running our lives and managing everything from animal feed delivery to monitoring our own health needs. Here are some of the steps we take to keep air quality in top condition and keep our family happy and healthy!

5 Easy Ways to Boost Home Air Health

Home Air Health Essentials - essential oils


We have diffusers all throughout the house and diffuse a variety of different essential oils depending on the day and the particular need we're facing. When I want a calm, relaxing scent, I reach for lavender. If I start feeling stuffy, eucalyptus is my friend because it helps clear sinuses. Clove and tea tree oil are also really great for disinfecting.

Home Air Health Essentials - keep closed trash cans

Closed Trash Cans

This may sound like a no-brainer to some, but I've been in a number of houses where the trash cans are kept out in the open without a cover. Especially in the bathroom or kitchen, that's a breeding ground for bacteria and weird smells! We use sturdy step-open cans, and have them placed in strategic corners all throughout the house. Waste disposal is never more than a few feet away, so family members and friends can easily ditch their dirty stuff. I prefer stainless steel cans because they're easy to clean, as opposed to plastic which tends to leach in moisture and stains.

Home Air Health Essentials - a quality air purifier

A High-Quality Air Filtration System

This is a game-changer of epic proportions. We've always done all the right things as far as keeping the house clean and keeping contaminants at bay, but it wasn't until we got an air filtration system that I truly started breathing more easily on a regular basis. We're working with Amway and we have their industry standard-setting Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System.

Amway Sky app

It's a big investment at nearly $1700, but if you're looking for a set-it-and-forget-it way of keeping air quality in tip-top shape, it doesn't get any better than this. This bad boy is the best-performing HEPA air purifier among competitors for removing allergens and other contaminants, and it cleans a massive 468 square feet. I put one in the entryway between our living room and kitchen, and it can take care of the whole area – a space that would usually require two separate systems. I control it via an app on my phone, which I set to Auto most of the time (I did manually put it on Turbo the first day and it took our air quality from “poor” to “great” in less than 24 hours). I was concerned that the 3-stage filtration system would entail a bunch of parts for me to hassle with, but it was super-simple to set up and the app alerts me when a filter needs replacing (the pre-filter is washable, too, so that's a BIG help as far as long-term money savings).

Home Air Health Essentials - washable duster

Ceiling Fans

Along with our air filtration systems, we rely on ceiling fans to keep air constantly moving in our home. Summer or winter, day or night, we've always had blades circulating things around in every room. I think that's one of the keys to keeping on top of air quality: keep any contaminants moving right along so they don't settle in stale space.

Washable Dusters

Last but certainly not least, we have a closet stocked with all sorts of fun cleaning tools. My favorite gadget for air health are these stick dusters with washable covers so we can simply swipe and ditch the dirt!

Elementary kid riding bike

ALL the dirt…

Bengal kitten rug

…and dander…

2-year-old laughing

..and get back to the work and play!

Do you have an air purifier in your house?


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