Top 10 Camping Essentials that Families Forget

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I asked Nate the other day, “What do you think Wet-Naps, a spatula and a clean pair of socks have in common?”

I'm not gonna share the answer he gave…let's just say it was way, way off the mark.

father backwoods camping with toddler

These things are all on my list of camping essentials that families forget! We spend so much time outdoors that I have a few must-haves I always pack extras of when we're going outdoors with a group, since these items are so often left behind by our fellow travelers. And while you're packing this stuff up, don't forget to check out our comfortable camping supplies list, too!

Camping Essentials For the Whole Family

camping shade

Sun shades. Because sometimes your spot is out in the wide, wide open.

Headlamps. Or flashlights…I just prefer to have my hands free. A lot of families think that the firelight or their car lights will suffice for these camping essentials, but those don't really cut it when you're tromping out in the woods in search of a bug-less space to pop a squat. Just sayin.

dirty face camping

Wet-Naps. Camping can get messy, and paper towels won't cut it. Wet-Naps get the job done and are gentle on our skin when we're fighting harsh cold or intense summer sun. Stick the little packets in your bag for you're out-and-about. I've even used them in place of baby wipes for quick diaper changes.

Bug spray. Don't become mosquito food. This is one of those must-have camping essentials that I'm always passing around to the whole group.

toys to take while camping

Outdoor toys. We opt for durable toy trucks, buckets and shovels. These are must-have camping essentials to keep the kiddos entertained.

Extra socks. Because they WILL get wet/dirty/lost.

ground blanket

Blankets or tarps. We lay them on the ground to give the little guys a place to kneel down and play around.

Spatula. People usually remember plates, cups and forks. However, cooking and serving utensils are camping essentials that often get left behind.

lots and lots of hats

Hats. Sunglasses are great, but you really should bring hats to protect your face from the sun in summer, or beanies in the winter.

Coffee. Otherwise, morning can be a serious drag.

Camping essentials that families often tend to leave behind

 What camping essentials has your family forgotten?


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