Holidays at Universal Studios Hollywood with Harry Potter and Whoville!

Last week, we trekked up to Los Angeles for a peek into some Grinch-y goodness. That's right, it's time to celebrate the holidays at Universal Studios Hollywood! We hung out on the backlot, ate some festive food, and saw snowfall in the park. That's quite a sight for Southern California, I must say.

How to Explain Family Christmas Traditions to Kids

The other day, it came to light that a certain elf who sits upon certain shelves had returned to our neighbor's home. Meanwhile, our elf was presumably still hanging out at the North Pole. The kids were bewildered. Did the neighbor's elf love them more? Was our elf a huge slacker? This prompted a discussion about how different people have different family Christmas traditions. Things operate a bit differently in every single person's home.And some family's elves are overachievers.

How to Have the Best Disneyland Christmas EVER

We always kick off the festive season with a Disneyland Christmas visit. It's technically called Disneyland Holidays, but my family calls it Disneyland Christmas so we're just gonna roll with that here. This is a HUGE tradition for us, and I feel pretty knowledgeable after visiting for years. If any of you are looking to celebrate the season in Disney style, here are my pro tips!

Night Zoo and Happy Hour

Activities at the San Diego Night Zoo
The San Diego Zoo is easily among our top ten list of regular outings. We've paid for the annual membership for a couple years in a row. It's an absolute steal if your family wants to get out on a regular basis but do something a bit more educational than some of the theme park options in our area. And there...

Please Weigh Me On This

Mom cleaning the shed
I was cleaning out the shed today, cursing "past me" in my head while weighing down "future me." You know the inner dialogue. We all struggle with it at one time or another.Why did I haphazardly stack boxes here? I should have known that I'd eventually have MORE children and LESS time to deal with stuff. Is this really my priority? I need to work out. My body's a...

DIY Bathtub Repair

DIY bathtub repair
When you look at this picture, what do you see?Chelsea sees this. Nothing but this. In our whole bathroom, this bathtub repair need is what her eye focuses on. Like a deranged perfectionist hawk. The previous owners chipped it.No big deal to me, but I have a Y chromosome so what do I know?I'm tired of hearing about it...so...bathtub repair...

Crushing It with a #CrushHalloween Twitter party

toddler by the shed
When it comes to Halloween, the Day family is definitely known to crush it. So we are TOTALLY stoked to team up with Crush Soda to help them #CrushHalloween. They've hired Harry the not-so-scary Scarecrow to recruit an all-star team of spooky characters to save the day at local Halloween haunts!Southern California residents can see the silly results at Lombardi Ranch's family-friendly...

Italian Fried Broccoli

Fried broccoli - perfect little dipping fritters for a football game day. My husband and his friends loved them!
It's football season, which means it's time for lots and lots of finger foods! I don't usually mess too much with the classic dippers like wings and nachos (Nate's a purist, you know), but last week I whipped up these fried broccoli pieces and they were a HUGE hit.Crunchy parmesan melds together with classic Italian flavors like garlic, onion and red...

Get Organized With this Quick Tip

get organized with kids' clothing
Apparently, it's National Get Organized Week. I can't make this stuff up. But I'd like to know who does, because I want their job. I would declare it National Tequila and Donut Week. Every week.Last month I shared my disastrously messy office that was being overtaken by all manner of things: mirrors, papers, random boxes from UPS. But mostly kids'...

Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Sausage Pancake Bites

Sometimes we can get a little rushed in the mornings with getting ready for school and for the day. So we need great breakfast ideas for kids that not only are easy, but are something they'll eat. These Sausage Pancake Bites are something I can make ahead on a Sunday and then just pop in the toaster oven on...