FREE Christmas Nativity Coloring Printable

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Your Kids will love this Christmas Nativity Coloring Printable!

My family loves the nativity story and every year during the Christmas season we try to steer focus back to the nativity story. This helps us remind the boys of the true reason for the season, which is the birth of Jesus Christ.

This Christmas Nativity Coloring Printable will help your kids get creative with choosing which colors to make each part of the nativity story.

This activity gives them a better mental visual of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ as opposed to when we just tell it to them or read it to them. But that's not all!

Reasons why your kids should be coloring:

  • Practice Of Pencil Grip: Coloring helps your kids practice pencil grip more frequently in a fun way. A crayon is one of the things your child will want to hold (rather than a pencil) and this helps them improve their grip and hand strength. This is especially good if your child has poor grip habit before their hands are strong enough to support the pencil.
  • Self Expression: Drawing and coloring is one of the best ways for your child to work through their emotions and how they express themselves.

This can be seen in the kind of colors they choose to paint with and the general atmosphere expressed through the colored page.

  • Builds Focus: Coloring is a great focus building activity for kids, and this is a very important skill for kids to develop. As adults, this is what helps us start and complete tasks.

Focus building is best developed from childhood. As your child begins to focus better, you will notice intricate changes in their artwork.

  • Improvement Of Fine Motor Coordination: Every child begins to develop fine motor coordination during early childhood. This means it's never too early for your child to start coloring and building fine motor coordination.

This is what helps us as adults to carry out daily activities like cooking, cleaning, typing, turning pages in books, writing and household chores.

These are great reasons to get your kids coloring today. This Christmas Nativity Coloring Printable will serve as a great start!

Grab your FREE 6 Page Christmas Nativity Coloring Printable!

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