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Are your home tools a mess? Ours were, too. Here's how we're stocking up on what's truly helpful for jobs big and small. Time to get that tool chest organized!

HART tools available at Walmart

We've moved a thousand miles, pared down all our stuff, and are currently building our new home near Boise. In undertaking this massive life shift, we realized that we managed to accumulate a lot of random STUFF. Clutter, mismatched home tools, storage that didn't make sense. How this happened and why we held onto it all for so long? I honestly have no idea.

In any case, we spent months planning out what we wanted life to look like. Then, we ditched things that didn't work for our day-to-day. And now we're building back up in a more mindful way. We're selecting things that make life simpler, better, more streamlined.

One thing that stuck around? The tools we acquired from working with HART a couple years ago. Years of wood-chopping, construction, demolition, tear-down and build-up couldn't wear down this brand. So we reached out and asked what they were up to, and if they'd like to partner up again on whatever new home tools they had in the works. They said yes.

And oh my gosh, they have SO MUCH in the works!

Interchangeable Home Tools

After going through a full renovation with our San Diego farm house, I didn't think there was much about home tools that could ever surprise me. HART asked for a chance to prove us wrong. Would we come to an exclusive event to check out their latest line?

You all know Nate and I: we can't pass up an opportunity to travel or go on a fun date night.

Mama holding tools

We walked into a warehouse filled with display stations showing the latest-and-greatest in home tools. An employee introduced us to the revolutionary concept leading the charge in electric home tools. Get it? Charge. Hah.

Almost every set of home tools in the joint was powered by a 20V (mostly for indoor home tools) or 40V (mostly for outdoor home tools) Lithium-Ion battery.

And every item is being exclusively sold at Walmart.

Talk about accessible! No more trips to specialty stores when I realize I'm missing that tool or random widget I need to put together that project the kids promised to present at our homeschool group meeting tomorrow. Hallelujah!

HART clamp and drill

Indoor Home Tools

What sucked me in straight away was the fact that the same battery that operates my tools can also operate a cordless hand vacuum. Get it? Vacuum. Sucked me in. Hah! Seriously, though, it is SUCH a relief to know that I can seamlessly go from drilling to sawing to clean-up without cords and without rifling through various different systems.

The operation of these home tools is intuitive and simple for a DIY-er such as myself who's generally trying to squeeze in a home project during naptime or on the weekend.

The full line of tools can help you complete just about any household job. They have drills, drivers, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, an angle grinder, a multi-tool, an orbital jigsaw, miter saw, orbit sander and more. They also have a full line of hand tools and accessories to fill out your home tool needs, from pliers to wrenches, knives, scissors and all the random products that are inevitably needed with this stuff like joints, pry bars and utility knives.

No more searching endlessly for little items amidst an overwhelming selection. It's all at Walmart now. Just the things you need, with names you can pronounce and functionality that makes sense.

Tool guy demonstrating tool

Outdoor Home Tools

Obviously, though, the need for home tools isn't confined within the space of four walls. To tackle the great outdoors with ease, HART's home tools include string trimmers, mowers, hedge trimmers and blowers. They feature dual-power technology so they can be operated with the battery pack system or plugged in, old-school-style.

Without gas, they're quiet enough to NOT annoy your neighbor. They're also nimble and lightweight enough that the daintiest homeowner can get their shrubs in shape without pulling a muscle.

HART flashlight

Lifestyle Home Tools

The battery-powered party doesn't stop in the yard, though. HART's taking the industry by storm. They've gone beyond the house, past the garage and yard – and straight into the lifestyle and camping category. Vacuums, bluetooth radios, lighting, fans and more. They even have an on-the-go cell phone charger to make sure you don't run out of juice when you're lounging beachside.

Everything has been thoughtfully designed for maximum functionality to the layperson, with minimal technical knowledge required to get up and get going on any project or idea. The hammers have a magnetic spot to help with setting nails. They make tape measures with an 11-foot standout so you don't have to deal with annoying floppy measurements.

They even make goggles with bendy sides so people with big heads are happy! DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS APPLIES TO? Nate. That's who. Our DIY life and yard get togethers are now going to involve way less cussing.

HART tool backpack

Other Home Tools and Functionality

Automotive inflators, buffers, large wet/dry vacs and lights are also powered by the same batteries! HART tools can fill any customer's need from the house to the tailgate to the trunk. Oh, and in case you're wondering where you're going to put all these tools? They make storage solutions including storage chests and a thoughtfully-designed tool BACKPACK.

Praise those tool techs for thinking outside the satchel. My toting elbow is saved!

The Homeowner's Bottom Line

In case the last thousand words didn't adequately describe my utter glee and excitement…let me put it plainly. As a rather advanced hobbyist, I'm stoked. This will save so much room in the space we had reserved for working and storing home tools. The versatility of each item means that I don't have to have those redundancies and clutter that used to annoy me.

Because home tools, crafting and renovation are a big part of my life, but not my ENTIRE life. With kids, an active work schedule, and a whole lot of other stuff going on, I don't need jargon. I need ease.

I need to know that somebody more knowledgeable than me has thought through the details. Someone else has considered the fact that busy families don't need to be tripping over cords. We don't need to be seeking out the single expert in the one faraway store to uncover the random doo-dad that our tool needs in order to function. Oh, and we don't need to be spending a bajillion dollars on any of this.

Value, ease, and clear thoughtfulness around the “home” in home tools. This is why I'm excited to be revamping our supply with the latest development from HART.

Are you happy with your home tools?


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