Mix-and-Match Clothes for Boys

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What to do when your ‘big boys' and ‘little boys' are the exact same size? There's a four-year age gap between our oldest three kids, but they're currently ALL wearing a size six! With a 6'4″ former NCAA football player for a dad, this isn't shocking. Our kids tend to grow in awkward spurts. They go through husky phases and string bean phases and it all levels out in the end. It does make shopping a bit of a challenge, though. We need cool colors and graphics to make the big boys happy, and awesomely-rugged play gear to keep the little one going. How to solve this problem? Mix-and-match clothes for boys!

Boys in different outfits

One of the things I really love about having boys is that none of their clothes have to be particularly themed. They don't have dresses and accompanying shoes or tunic-style long shirts to pair with leggings versus cropped shirts to tuck into a skirt. None of those shenanigans. My boys wake up and usually throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and call it a day. Easy peasy.

Big kid in back to school clothes

That's not to say that they have the same style, but for the most part I can buy basics in a size that (roughly) fits all of them and let them sort it out. Abercrombie Kids runs from sizes 3/4 to 15/16, so there's no need to constantly re-figure out a new brand. And then they have adult sizing after that, so this one store could potentially last us all the way through high school and beyond (praise be!). I like to go stock up on a bunch of clothing at once and let my boys gravitate towards what they want, accessorizing as they see fit. No headache on my end, and everyone is happy!

Clothes for Boys that go from Kid-to-Kid-to-Kid

Mix and match clothes for boys from Abercrombie

The key is to buy stuff that coordinates. Clothes for boys can be easily mixed-and-matched if they have a solid foundation as far as denim and layer basics. Obviously, you need quality clothing that's well-made. Abercrombie Kids has never let us down in terms of stitching, fabric, consistent fit and on-trend stuff that moves easily from season to season and kid-to-kid. All of our boys are wild about their stuff, which is amazing because all of our boys have wildly different styles.

Independent Hipster Clothes for Boys

Mix and match clothes

The 5-year-old tells us that he likes all the colors, but his favorite is BLACK. This happy-go-lucky guy always makes us crack up with his unpredictability. As a toddler, we noticed that he lit up gleefully when Linkin Park's “In the End” came on the radio, yet he gets equal enjoyment from Elton John's “I'm Still Standing.” The checkered cloth detail in the knees of these distressed jeans made him smile. He also loves skulls and art, so this shirt was a perfect fit for him.

SHIRT: Logo graphic
Sweater: ICON CREW
JEANS: Taper Checkerboard-patched

Serious Clothes for a Serious Kid

Abercrombie jacket

“I am not kidding around,” my oldest son informed me the other day. “I'm going to be a builder.” With his engineering mind, I absolutely believe him. He is all about no-muss, no-fuss functionality. We sized up this jacket at his request because he wants it to fit for a long time. That kind of practical thinking is totally his hallmark.

Jacket: Cozy Puffer
SHIRT: Sporty Tee
JEANS: Skinny
Belt: Leather

Rough-and-Tumble Mix-and-Match Outfits

Preschool boy trendy outfit

This guy, frankly, wears whatever he finds in the closet that the other dudes haven't already claimed. Somehow, whatever he slaps together, he pulls off well. A confident strut is his go-to accessory. We tend to guide him towards multiple layers (in case he spills anything on one of them) and stretch waistbands (he still takes naps on occasion, so comfort is key). He likes bright patterns and colors.

Button-Up Shirt: Classic
Tee: Icon Printed
Jeans: Denim Joggers

Elementary boy eyes up close

Before I head out to shop for more clothes for the boys, can we just talk for a second about how big they're are getting? LOOK AT THOSE EYES. When did my baby turn into a self-sufficient human with independent thoughts and opinions? I can hardly even handle it. Make the time slow down.

Boy belt up-close

Also, it should be noted that he picked out this belt all by himself. Again, he sized up so that it could grow with him.

Preschool boy clothes

The belt doesn't quite fit this guy yet, but I wouldn't be shocked if he ran off with it and attempted to use it as a lumberjack rope to hoist his way up a tree.

Funny preschool boy

Seriously, you guys. Watch out for this one.

Do you have any questions about shopping for clothes for boys? Did your kids grow at predictable rates, or did they sort of slinky their way through it with big leaps like mine?


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