4 Tips for Contrasting Color in Home Decor

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We're still working on our home paint palette. The biggest challenge, honestly, is sticking with our choices and not getting distracted. Earlier this year we picked some bright, all-American contrasting colors. I am utterly smitten with the way they tie our house together.

Color by the boys' bed

We haven't spotlighted them all individually yet, but I get emails from readers who notice them coming to fruition. Vibrant hues peek out from behind us in casual photos. An acquaintance complimented us on our “branded feel” the other day and it meant a lot to me to hear that we at least look somewhat put-together. It often feels like our little farm is a random smattering of circumstances. Truth be told, though, we put a ton of effort into this space. It's joyful progress, moving towards a home that reflects our personalities.

Anyway, the 2016 trend reports are starting to trickle in and they confirmed my hunch that selections were moving more in the direction of contrasting colors. The sample rooms I'm seeing are peppy, dimensional and vibrant – which can be a challenge for families seeking to create a peaceful and unified space. Here are some tips for giving it a cohesive feel.

Pulling Together Contrasting Colors
2016 contrasting color trends

Behr is sponsoring our current home updates, so it's their look book that we turn to today for upcoming picks. Paints with bright names like, “Pagoda,” “Galapagos” and “Black Pearl” are the predicted hot sellers for the new season.

Pops of color in a dark room can make a space feel vibrant and homey

Pops of color. Paint a room in a unified shade and then shake it up with playful accents. Here we see bright yellow chairs and teal furniture adding tons of depth. This is totally accessible for families who may find themselves rearranging rooms frequently, or for indecisive folks like myself.

Interesting dimensional pieces can tie contrasting colors into any room

Dimension. Contrasting color comes into play in this room in the most traditional sense. Polar opposites like purpley-blue and mustard yellow play well against casual neutrals.

Blurred color is a hot trend in interior paint

Soft transitions. Here, contrasting colors slowly blur into each other. Ombre has been a big thing in hair and fashion lately, so I'm not surprised to see it coming boldly into the world of home decor.

Bright, shiny lights can make room decor pop

Shiny things. Rooms with a ton of light and texture lend well to contrasting colors. Paint a door or window trim in a single bright hue for a fun change that can be switched up easily.

Go check out the 2016 Behr look book to get more tips for contrasting color. If you're in love with a particular shade from the photos above, you can get the color code over there as well! While you're at it, check out some tips from my fellow DIY-ers.

Do you use contrasting colors in your home decor?


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