8 Delightful Ways to Cool off this Summer

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One of Nate's cousins works as a pool boy in the summer at that hotel we stayed at last week. It was so cute to watch the boys oooh and aaah over his pool boy skills, following his lead all around the splash area.

Stay cool this summer at a pool cabana

With all that wandering around under the sun in the Florida heat and humidity, it didn't take long for us to realize we were sorely underprepared for the weather. Our swim trunks didn't offer any sort of protection! We quickly looked at Drew in his head-to-toe decked-out uniform and realized we were approaching this all wrong. The answer wasn't less clothing. We needed to gear up with MORE accessories and strategies to keep us cool.

Here are some pointers we picked up from him.

Quick Tips for Cooling Off on a Hot Summer Day

Stay cool this summer in the shade

Eat cold stuff

Your internal temperature is the first thing you want to address. Have you ever had a doctor tell you to feed ice chips to a feverish child? This helps cool them from the inside and comes with the added benefit of increased hydration! On a hot summer day, you can get the same cooling effect from ice cream (hand-held Klondike bars are way more outdoor-friendly than toting around a carton) or Popsicles. The best part? They taste a lot better than ice chips.

Find a non-sweaty seat

Hammocks were invented for a very good reason. Nobody wants their booty enveloped in a cushy comforter when it's 100 degrees out! Get elevated in a woven chair and let the breeze cool you down.

Stay cool this summer with a Popsicle

Seek the shade

We tote around a little fold-up umbrella that clips to a table (or a stroller, or a bare tree branch) for quick shade anywhere we go. We also keep an eye out for tables with umbrellas or outdoor overhangs to minimize sun exposure when we're outside.

Fix your fan

Did you know that fan blades are tilted, and they're meant to rotate different directions during different seasons? During the winter, ceiling fans should run clockwise (as you look up at it) to push warm air out and down along the walls. During the summer, they should be switched to run counter-clockwise so they can rotate air directly downward for a stronger wind chill. And if you don't have an outdoor fan on your patio, you may want to have one installed. They make ALL the difference!

Stay cool this summer with a hat

Cover your face

Wide-brimmed hats and big, bold sunglasses are all the rage.

Pick fab fabrics

“Cotton,” Drew insisted. “It lets your skin breath.” Chambray and linen are also great in hot weather, with woven threads and light textures that won't lock moisture in. Steer clear of polyester and rayon – which are moisture-resistant and will actually cause sweat to pool against your body instead of absorbing outward – and always pick natural fibers over synthetic.

Stay cool this summer in the pool

Take a dip in the pool

You too, moms and dads! Even if you don't want to don a suit and go in, you can at least kick off your shoes and dip your feet in.

Get misty

Spray bottle fans or stand misters can add a quick burst of cool when the weather's really stifling.

8 delightful ways to cool off this summer

How are you staying cool this summer?


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