What to do about Bedwetting while Traveling

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Ahhh, bedwetting while traveling. I kinda just dropped that on ya, didn't I? Yup. Happy Friday, we're talking about pee! Seriously, though, this is a question that a LOT of readers have emailed me about. We travel so often with such little kids, and this is the burning issue on everyone's minds when they've finished the potty-training phase and they're staring down the barrel of a vacation.

What if my kid pees on someone else's expensive, fancy, fluffy white sheets?

What to do about bedwetting at a hotel I'll just address that head-on. Bedwetting while traveling has actually happened to us. Want to know what I did? I rinsed the kid off, brought him into my bed, and fell the heck back to sleep. When I went to assess the damage in the morning, I stripped the sheets back and was relieved to find a pretty hefty pad protecting the mattress. Makes sense, really, because I'm sure people make way bigger messes in hotel beds than my one kid with his tiny bladder.

Anyway, I pulled that pad off and tossed it in the corner with the rest of the bedding, and I left the maid a hefty tip. Problem solved.

All my kids piled into my hotel bed

It wasn't an experience I really wanted to re-live, though, so I started packing a few things to help minimize the impact of bedwetting in the future and make the whole nighttime experience smoother for all of us.

4 Things you Need to handle Bedwetting while Traveling

The things you really need to pack for little kids on vacation

Nighttime Underwear

First up, pack some GoodNites NightTime Underwear. I know that you're finished up potty training and this may feel like a step backward for some of you, especially if you've already implemented traditional undies at night. Trust me, though, travel shakes up everyone's routines and you'll want a trustworthy barrier there just in case your kiddo reverts back to bedwetting while traveling. Plus, a lot of kids continue nighttime wetting long past when they become dry during the day. I used to try to force this “habit” on my kids at night, but after talking with a couple experts at length I realized that the mechanics of waking up at night to go to the bathroom is purely a physical development thing. It takes time! Our 4-year-old wears GoodNites every single night and our now-6-year-old still wears them when we travel.

Iron Man nighttime undies

As an added bonus for your kid, they will be super-stoked to see Iron Man or Tinkerbell on their undies.

Marketing works, people.

And as an added bonus for mom and dad, now through 7/16, you can save $18 for 3 or $10 for 2 on any combination of Huggies Diapers, Pull-Ups, GoodNites or wipes with instant savings at Sam’s Club in-store or online. That is SUCH a good deal! You can ship directly to your home or use club pick-up so it's super-easy to stock up while the sale's still on.

Ebook reading at bedtime


Now that you're prepared for any bedwetting while traveling that may occur, the big thing is to keep building a confident and happy attitude toward bedtime. We try to maintain our routines from home when we travel, doing the whole bathtime-and-a-book thing as consistently as we can. I load up the tablets with new ebooks, and the boys love to practice reading stories to me.

Mini dinosaur stuffed animal

Comfort Items

We also bring a mini stuffed animal for each kid. Yes, I have pocket-sized versions of their favorite stuffed animals from home (or as close as I could find on the internet) so we save space but they still have some consistency. For kids who are super-attached to that one lovey or blankie, don't forget to pack it! Comfort items are such a critical thing when you're on the road, especially when you're trying to maintain a sense of normalcy at night.


Last but not least, I bring some cozy jammies for the boys. Even if they usually just sleep in their nighttime underwear, sometimes hotels have fun little activities like s'mores or fireworks-watching or an evening movie by the pool, and I don't want them to miss out on the opportunity or wind up feeling out of place being in regular clothes at a pajama party. It's all about making travel FUN, with minimal stress.

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Do you have any must-have items to help deal with bedwetting while traveling?


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