DIY Baby Mobile Cover

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diy baby mobile cover

After I showed off our crib bumper, I had a few people ask me about Some Boy's baby mobile and homemade baby mobile cover. The baby mobile we bought came bare, with uncovered plastic pieces holding the mobile decorations.

baby mobile cover

While the little animals were really cute, it seemed like something was missing on this baby mobile. I saw some covers on the mobiles at Babies R Us and decided I could whip one up easily enough on my own with some coordinating fabric pieces at home.

baby mobile arm cover

First, remove the hanging part of the mobile and cut out a piece of fabric big enough to cover the mobile arm. Fold over the outside of this fabric a quarter inch, pin it down and sew a hem around the edge. Next, turn this fabric inside out and pin it around the mobile, sewing it shut so that when turned right side out it forms a snug cover over the mobile arm.

baby mobile cover

Cut four triangle-shaped fabric pieces as shown above to fit the hanging part of the mobile. Sew the pieces together to form a cover.

baby mobile fabric

Next, cut four corner pieces for the hanging part of the mobile. These will later be sewn on top of the hanging part of the mobile and turned under to form a pocket. The mobile arms will be slipped into these corner pockets to help secure the arms onto the mobile cover. Fold the corners of these small pieces down and sew flat; this will give you a hole at the end to put the mobile arms through so that you can lace the strings of the small stuffed animals onto the mobile.

baby mobile instructions

Cut four long strips slightly longer than the length of the mobile cover. Sew a hem onto one side of each of these strips. Lay the strips on top of the mobile cover (with the mobile cover still right side up) and underneath the corner pieces. Sew along the edge of the mobile cover, sewing the corner pieces, strips and mobile cover all together. Trim any excess fabric left hanging off of the edge of the strips.

baby mobile

Turn the cover inside out, push the mobile arms through the corner pieces, and string the mobile decorations through the ends of the mobile arms.

I've only been sewing now for about six months so if I can do this project, so can you. It looks complicated, but it's really just about getting the pieces all layered correctly in the right order. If you're having trouble visualizing the project based on the pictures here, try examining a completed baby mobile cover at Babies R Us to see how all the pieces come together.


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