DIY Gingerbread House Kit with M&Ms

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We're kicking it old school in a new way today. Remember those little gingerbread homes you used to make as a kid? Try this on for size: an M&M's version of the classic DIY gingerbread house kit! I discovered gingerbread M&M's in the candy aisle the other day, and felt totally inspired to create a craft with them. Candy crafts are my favorite thing nowadays.

gingerbread M&M's #shop

Exclusive to Walmart, these sweet little morsels taste like what would result if an M&M had a baby with a gingerbread man. Or woman. Not meaning to be sexist or anything. Whatever sweet treat gender floats your boat is a-okay by me.

gingerbread house kit #shop

Essentials for a DIY Gingerbread House Kit

I got all the DIY gingerbread house kit essentials:

  • graham crackers for the structure
  • frosting to stick it all together
  • sprinkles
  • decorative straws for sweet little drain pipes or banisters
  • sparkle gel galore

This is one seriously rockin candy home. Complete with snowflake and snowman cookie cutters to keep guard outside the front door (I would have grabbed a Christmas tree cookie cutter to prop up outside of my DIY gingerbread house kit, but they were out of them in the specialty baking section. How weird is that? Who's hoarding all the pine trees this time of year?).

M&M's gingerbread house #shop

A big glass canister keeps it all together, wrapped up with a Christmas-y bow.

DIY gingerbread house kit #shop

Our DIY gingerbread house kit would make a perfect neighborly gift or White Elephant exchange item.

Make an M&Ms Gingerbread House Kit to give to friends and family during the holidays #shop

Have you ever made a DIY gingerbread house kit? How do you shake up the ingredients to make it your own?


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  1. I have always made gingerbread houses with my son, but never thought to put a kit together like this. I would be thrilled if someone gave me a gift like this!

  2. I haven’t ever made a gingerbread house kit. I’m getting so many good ideas this year, though, that I think we’ll try! Brandi from the Collective Bias team

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