A Father’s Day Printable to Give with Cologne

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This post is sponsored by Stetson.

Want a little peek at what Dad’s Day usually looks like around here? We honestly don’t go over the top with presents and activities, since Nate works almost every holiday. We keep it simple and sweet with some DIY activities or a Father’s Day printable that we pair with a gift he’s guaranteed to love.

Son giving dad a Father’s Day gift

We’re usually super-casual with the whole situation, presenting dad with his gifts over breakfast. There aren’t any fancy trappings or bows. Just a sweet handmade thing from the boys along with a thoughtfully-chosen item that I know Nate wants and needs. The boys and I are often awake before Nate – due to his crazy schedule – and they giddily gather around to help me whip up some pancakes until the scent lures him out of the bedroom.

Father’s Day printable to go with cologne

Cologne is always a hit, and Nate’s fragrance of choice is Stetson Original, known around the west as the “true original.” We decided to roll with that theme and make a Father’s Day printable all about how dad is the true original in his own right.

Stetson printable for Father’s Day

I created this Father’s Day printable with loose tie-ins to the Stetson gift, and a ton of room for personalization and sentimentality from the kiddos. That’s what it’s all about! You can click above to download and use it for yourself. Add some Stetson, and you’re good to go! The intro page where kids are prompted to draw a photo with their dad reads “This is my dad (he’s a legendary dude)” and a page in the middle reads “To me, he smells like…”

My 7-year-old filled in the blank there with trees. I’m inclined to agree with him.

Father’s Day fill-in-the-blank printable

The big kid also claimed that his dad’s favorite thing to do is “play with us” (true story) and that he’s not even afraid of “snakes” (also true).

Father’s Day printable sheets

This Father’s Day printable prints out on 4 pages in black and white, since I know how annoying it can be to try to print a multicolored printable when the printer is somehow perpetually out of purple and decides to produce streaks. Grrrr. I also kind of like that the color is left to the kiddos, so you can REALLY see their creativity shine. The pages come out in order with the first being the cover, the second getting glued to the cover, and the third and fourth getting glued to each other to serve as the middle pages. Simply trim, glue, crease where indicated down the center, staple it all together and hand the kids some crayons.

Father’s Day printable gift

Then add a box of Stetson. Dad will be touched and happy with a gift he can actually use, and a memento he’ll want to keep forever.

You can purchase Stetson Original at your local Walmart, or on their website.


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