6 Gift Ideas for Practical Moms

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My close friends and family will tell you that I am a huge pain in the butt to shop for because I'm kind of a minimalist. I like stuff, don't get me wrong, but a gift has to meet a certain set of criteria in order for me to really put it to use in my life. I need items that are quality and that serve a purpose. With four kids, our home is simply too busy for things that break or add clutter!

If you're trying to shop for a picky lady like myself this Mother's Day, I feel your pain. So I'm collaborating with JCPenney to aggregate my favorite, can't-go-wrong ideas that practical moms will love. I've got your back!

Here are the Mother's Day gifts I've asked for in the past, and still love to use on a daily basis.

Practical Mom Gifts

A nice organizer or clutch.

Moms are usually juggling diaper bags and/or kids' backpacks or sports gear. Not every woman is a purse person, but a good catch-all wallet or daytimer can be put to use by almost everyone. The Ultimate Crossbody Organizer by Buxton is my go-to – I plop it in whatever bag I'm toting around that day, and if I don't want bulk I can simply hook the included strap onto it and go! No more shuffling credit cards and lip balm back-and-forth between purses and cars.

Practical Mom Gifts

Kitchen storage.

Yes, I'm an organizing nerd and I know this probably isn't what most moms would ask for. Then again, you're reading a post written by the same person who was downright giddy to receive a mini tool bag for Christmas! If you notice that your loved one struggles with finding a just-right spot for the bread, a stylish bread box on the counter could make her day. Utensil-holders could help keep her often-accessed supplies at hand. I personally love to prepare food in advance for the whole week and make freezer meals, so these Glass Food Storage Sets by Snapware make me swoon.

3 Practical Mom Gifts

Understated Jewelry.

We don't need diamonds and pearls for everyday wear, but a few long-lasting pieces can complete an outfit. This sort of gift can save mom time and help her feel a bit more put-together. Simple studs or a neutral chain are usually safe bets, and I love to add a little color with Liz Claiborne's button earrings. I personally tend to opt for stainless steel as far as materials, since I have extremely sensitive skin.

Practical Mom Gifts

Outdoor accessories.

With the weather warming up, mom's likely to be spending more time outside. Make it an enjoyable space to increase the likelihood that she takes a seat out there and gives herself a break! Nice surroundings will also make her more inclined to have friends over for a cup of coffee on the patio. Everybody wins. One of my favorite pieces from my own porch is a decorative lantern I got from JCPenney recently. It uses solar energy to charge during the day and then lets off a nice, soft glow come sunset. It's great for providing some much-needed light on days when I forget to flip the porch light switch before running errands.

Practical Mom Gifts

Travel toiletries.

Even if your wife or mom doesn't seem like a girly-girl makeup-loving sort of person, she is a woman with hair and a face and…ya know…typical female needs. Certain products inevitably must be acquired. And then, when we travel, those products have to all get packed and unpacked repeatedly! You can make her life easier – and totally impress her with your attentiveness – by buying the travel versions of her favorite care items. My go-to picks are Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step cloths (the wipeable form of my usual at-home face wash) and Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix, which is a God-send when you're dealing with planes and humidity and all sorts of new environmental shenanigans that can mess with your makeup. Take a peek at her hairspray, dry shampoo and face wash and ask at Sephora Inside JCPenney if they have travel sizes. The associates are super helpful!

Practical Mom Gifts

Really awesome bedding.

Time spent cuddling in bed or on the couch is absolutely cherished by moms, and you can help her lounge in style. A quick pillow refresh or the addition of a cozy blanket or pretty bed skirt can make her feel extra-pampered after a long day. We have this Ashley Rimy comforter set and it is SO fluffy and amazing, it's like falling into a cloud. I got the King size and found that it's perfect for covering our California King without too much overhang, and it's just light enough that it's not a hassle to tote to the couch.

6 gift ideas for practical moms | mother's day | minimalismAs you can see, JCPenney is our one-stop-shop for all the trendiest accessories for our family and our home. Nate learned years ago that this is the go-to spot for items I'll cherish, and his thoughtful picks from the store always make my Mother's Day fantastic.


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