Mother's Day

Thank your Mom Tribe with Chocolate and Jokes

I was the first of my friends to have kids. I’ve been blessed to develop an incredibly large and supportive group of fellow moms since then, but I’ll never forget those isolating initial weeks. It was me, a baby, and absolutely NO CLUE what I was doing. I ended up leaning on two women in particular during those early days of motherhood when I needed a gut check, a hand, or just an ear to listen when the little guy refused to sleep at 3am. Nate’s mom and grandma (Oma and Nana) were the original members of my mom tribe, and I try to find ways to thank them every year around Mother’s Day.

Practical Mom Gifts

6 Gift Ideas for Practical Moms

My close friends and family will tell you that I am a huge pain in the butt to shop for because I’m kind of a minimalist. I like stuff, don’t get me wrong, but a gift has to meet a certain set of criteria in order for me to really put it to use in my life. I need items that are quality and that serve a purpose. With four kids, our home is simply too busy for stuff that breaks or adds clutter!