gluten-free snacks

Remember the days before parenthood? When you would actually go out into the world and eat at a restaurant and see stars on the BIG screen? I always liked to seek out movie theaters with extra-decadent snacks. You know, the ones with cinnamon rolls and bon bons. Man, movie night's changed for us in the last couple years! Our theater nights have been replaced by couch-lounging afternoons, and since I'm trying to minimize gluten in our diet, those treats are now gluten-free snacks. This is movie night at the Day family house. This is how we roll.

gluten-free movie snacks

Nate's Go-to Gluten-Free Snack

First off, I pop up a bag of popcorn for Nate. He physically CANNOT watch a movie without food of some sort. If I don't go ahead and pull out some gluten-free snacks for him, he'll inevitably emerge from a secret corner of the house with sugary junk food (I swear, he must hide it in his desk or something).

gluten-free snacks

He likes the Pop Secret Homestyle popcorn because it doesn't have an overpowering flavor like a lot of butter popcorns or kettle corns, so he can spice it up on his own with cinnamon-sugar or other homemade flavoring. Our old fancy theater in Los Angeles used to provide grated cheese, cinnamon and other types of sprinkles for popcorn. It was a nice touch that we adopted into our own house.

fresh fruit

My favorite Gluten-Free Snacks

For me, we have macadamia nuts, dark chocolate-covered cranberries and dried plums. These replace my old household standbys of candy, cookies and ice cream. And since I'm at home, I can even throw in some fresh fruit with my gluten-free snacks.

parent movie night
As you can see by his expression, Nate takes his movie-watching very seriously.

This is what parent movie night looks like in action. Complete with a pile of unfolded laundry in the corner. And did I mention it's not actually night?? Our only real chance of watching a movie most of the time is in the afternoon during Some Boy's nap. Whenever we try to pop in a DVD after he's gone to bed, we inevitably end up konking out within the first twenty minutes. Having a toddler AND a baby takes it out of you!

Pop Secret

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