107 Gluten Free Snacks for Movie Night (or any other time)

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Remember the days before parenthood? When you would actually go out into the world and eat at a restaurant and see stars on the BIG screen? I always liked to seek out movie theaters with extra-decadent snacks. You know, the ones with cinnamon rolls and bon bons. Man, movie night's changed for us in the last couple years! Our theater nights have been replaced by couch-lounging afternoons, and since I'm trying to minimize gluten in our diet, those treats are now gluten free snacks.

Gluten free snacks – guacamole and chips

This is movie night at the Day family house. This is how we roll. With a strong focus on the snacks.

Gluten free snack ideas that your family may enjoy:

  1. Popcorn
  2. Macadamia nuts
  3. Frozen grapes
  4. Cherries
  5. Gluten free cookies
  6. Crisp gluten free waffle cookies
  7. Potato chips
  8. Celery and peanut butter
  9. Rice chips
  10. Carrots and ranch
  11. Fried broccoli bites (Italian broccoli is my fave)
  12. Almond butter packets
  13. Apple chips
  14. Gluten free sandwich crackers
  15. Almond nut thins with goat cheese and jam
  16. Coconut chips
  17. Rice cakes
  18. Beef jerky
  19. Kind bars
  20. Cucumbers
  21. Granola
  22. Hard boiled eggs
  23. Applesauce
  24. Popsicles
  25. Apples and caramel
  26. Fruit bites
  27. Jello cups
  28. Yogurt
  29. Pudding (keep chia on-hand for a quick pudding fix)
  30. Gluten free pretzels
  31. Tortilla chips and guacamole
  32. Sweet potato chips
  33. Honey glazed nuts
  34. Sweet potato fries
  35. Cheddar crackers
  36. Mini marshmallows
  37. Corn Chex
  38. Pirate's booty
  39. Dried mangoes
  40. Roasted seaweed
  41. Nori popcorn
  42. Sunflower seeds
  43. Pumpkin seeds
  44. Mandarin slices
  45. Red peppers and hummus
  46. Snap peas
  47. Craisins
  48. Kale chips
  49. Pickles
  50. Rice Krispies treats
  51. Canned pineapple chunks
  52. Cottage cheese
  53. Dates (this recipe for bacon-wrapped dates is THE BEST)
  54. Banana chips
  55. Edamame
  56. Fried peas
  57. Roasted chickpeas
  58. Mini pizza made on gluten free English muffins or bagels
  59. Veggie chips
  60. Veggie straws
  61. Parmesan crisps
  62. Cream cheese and lunchmeat roll-ups
  63. Olives
  64. Yogurt raisins
  65. Pickled beets and feta
  66. Bon bons (these little Greek yogurt bites are really good)
  67. Prunes
  68. Figs
  69. Pistachios
  70. Chocolate-covered espresso beans
  71. BarkThins
  72. Sushi
  73. Gluten free mini muffins
  74. Pomegranate seeds
  75. Brussel Bytes
  76. Quinoa Curls
  77. Gluten free pasta salad
  78. Crispy bacon
  79. Van's gluten free PB&J bars
  80. Gluten free waffles
  81. Coconut wraps (I love these microwaved with cinnamon or as a bacon avocado roll-up)
  82. Cacao nibs
  83. Gluten free donuts
  84. Beet chips
  85. Sprouted watermelon seeds
  86. Cashews
  87. Lupini beans
  88. Rice Chex
  89. Gluten free animal crackers
  90. Snapea crisps
  91. ThinkThin protein bites
  92. Dark chocolate almonds
  93. Bean crisps
  94. Peanuts
  95. Gluten free pop tarts
  96. Chocolate raisins
  97. String cheese
  98. Fruit leather
  99. Chocolate cranberries
  100. Strawberries
  101. Blueberries
  102. Walnuts
  103. Plantain chips
  104. Gluten free biscotti
  105. Raspberries
  106. Pepperoni with mozzarella balls
  107. Cantaloupe

Nate's Go-to Gluten Free Snack

First off, I always HAVE to pop up a bag of popcorn for Nate. He physically cannot watch a movie without food of some sort. If I don't go ahead and pull out some gluten free snacks for him, he'll inevitably emerge from a secret corner of the house with sugary junk food (I swear, he must hide it in his desk or something).

Gluten free snacks – dark chocolate bark with nuts for protein

He likes regular homestyle popcorn because it doesn't have an overpowering flavor like a lot of butter popcorns or kettle corns, so he can spice it up on his own with cinnamon-sugar or other homemade flavoring. Our old fancy theater in Los Angeles used to provide grated cheese, cinnamon and other types of sprinkles for popcorn. It was a nice touch that we adopted into our own house.

Gluten free snacks – carrot dippers

My favorite Gluten Free Snacks

For MY favorite gluten free snacks, we have macadamia nuts, dark chocolate-covered cranberries and dried plums. These replace my old household standbys of candy, cookies and ice cream. And since I'm at home, I can even throw in some fresh fruit with my gluten free snacks.

107 gluten free snacks to help keep your diet on track

What are your favorite gluten free snacks?


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