Great Wolf Lodge Activities: What’s Best for Every Age

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A visit to a huge indoor water park is like visiting another planet, which is why everyone loves Great Wolf Lodge activities. At this family-friendly resort, you’ll experience an immersive vacation unlike any other!

Great wolf lodge water park

You’ll not only have fun, but you’ll also learn new things as you explore a variety of exciting and active attractions. If you’re visiting a Great Wolf Lodge in your area, you can look forward to tons of excitement. Here’s what's on the docket!

The Great Wolf Lodge Experience

Great Wolf Lodge has numerous locations throughout the United States, and one in Canada. At any Great Wolf Lodge, you’ll find similar attractions with the same names and theming. We've been to one in California, one in Texas, and one in Washington and loved every visit. Adventure awaits around every corner! In the past, we've shared our tips for big families, faves for little kids, and beloved festive celebrations that are a REALLY big deal at the resort.

There's something for everyone here. Mom and dad can relax in a hot tub or lazy river with a cold drink, tweens can go on an epic magical quest, grandparents can watch character shows with the little ones, and cousins can battle in the arcade.


Dining at Great Wolf Lodge is some of the best, most varied dining I've seen at any theme park resort. They have approachable options for any budget, from a sit-down grill to an eye-popping buffet. Hit up Bear Paw Sweets & Eats for a special treat, or get a pizza to go from Hungry as a Wolf. All restaurants are peanut-free, and they have separate allergy-free prep areas for guests with special dietary needs.

We always make a point to have at least one meal at the Loose Moose Cottage. Their delicious breakfast features a plethora of baked goods, signature wolf waffles, organic yogurts, granolas, fruits and berries. Their dinner buffet rivals some of the best we've seen in Vegas! I like the upscale cheesecake bites, while the boys tend to go nuts over the ice cream bar.

Great wolf lodge treats

Great Wolf Candy Company

Don't miss a stop at this adorable, colorful confectionary. It'll make your stay sweeter than ever! We like to let all of our kids get a cup of treats to watch while we unwind and watch a movie in the room after a busy day.

Onsite Water Park and Outdoor Adventure

The water park at Great Wolf Lodge offers a wide range of slides, pools, and lazy rivers for all ages. There's a water playground that’s great for toddlers. There are also the more “adventurous” slides, including the Howlin' Tornado – which includes a 50-foot drop – and Alberta Falls, which is 4 stories high.

Over at Fort MacKenzie, the whole family can scramble around an interactive water fort treehouse with slides, toys, and a giant bucket of water that rains down on the entire area every so often. Another group-friendly area is the Slap Tail Pond wave pool, which gradually increases from zero-depth entry to five feet deep.

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Chinook Cove and Big Foot Pass offer adults and siblings a great opportunity to engage elementary-age kids in water basketball and an agility course to challenge their mind while building strength.

Outside, some Great Wolf Lodge locations feature the seasonal Howlers Peak ropes course. This is ideal for guests who are up for adventure or just starting to explore more thrilling activities! I love that kids and adults can experience new challenges from the safety of a climbing harness.

Aside from the water park – which offers free entry for all registered hotel guests – there are numerous entertainment options for the whole family. I'll dive into all of those below. Before you go, it's helpful to know that Great Wolf Lodge sells various Paw Pass, Wolf Pass and Pup Pass options. Each pass includes entries to a specific selection of the below hands-on activities, or you can pay for each activity individually.

For example, the Wolf Pass offers access to a MagiQuest game and all accessories needed to play, a game card, a candy cup, ice cream, mining experiences, glow golf and swim goggles. The Paw Pass offers fewer attractions, and the Pup Pass includes items targeted at younger kids. These passes are the perfect option to improve your experience without the hassle of paying for each thing individually (and it sets kids' expectations that they get to do each thing once).

MagiQuest, ShadowQuest and Compass Quest


MagiQuest, ShadowQuest, and Compass Quest are family-friendly scavenger hunts that are perfect for keeping older kids entertained. During your adventure, you can look forward to discovering clues that will take you through an interactive story, solving puzzles and experiencing levels of magical exploration.

Northern Lights Arcade and Howl at the Moon Glow Golf

Great wolf lodge arcade

Great for families to play together, Northern Lights Arcade is filled with classic and modern video games, many of which spit out reward tickets that can be traded for prizes at the ticket counter.

Great wolf lodge mini golf

In the same indoor play area, Howl at the Moon Glow Golf offers a glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course that's ideal for families, friends and work teams looking for a little flair.

Both of these spaces were a bit overwhelming for our kids when they were younger, but it's turned into their favorite hot spot during their elementary and junior high years! Some Great Wolf Lodge locations even feature Ten Paw Alley, a mini bowling alley that's perfect for guests of all ages.

Moonstone Mine and Oliver's Mining Co.

Great wolf lodge mine

No visit to Great Wolf Lodge is complete without a visit to Moonstone Mine and Oliver's Mining Co. Little kids love sluicing their own magical gemstones in a traditional pan. The challenging mirror maze is especially intriguing for wee ones, but I've actually seen groups of teenagers and even a young-adult bachelorette crew laughing up a storm as they stumbled their way through.

Character Events and Build-A-Bear

When my kids were really young, meeting the characters and adopting new furry friends was the highlight of every trip. Live shows with Wiley the Wolf or Violet are full of engaging songs, story time, and dancing. Hands-on activities include yoga and tons of seasonal arts and crafts.

Characters at great wolf lodge

After making memorable connections with the Great Wolf Lodge characters, head to the Build A Bear workshop to create your very own plush toy. Choose from a variety of characters, including the ones you've just met at the water park! These snuggly buddies are ready to be customized by you and dressed in their very own special outfit. Don't forget to give them a big hug when you leave.

Themed Rooms and In-Room Entertainment

The room and suite options here are phenomenal, ranging from standard spaces to rooms with balconies, gas fireplaces, living areas and even breakfast bars or tables for meals in the room. Premium suites offer multiple rooms that accommodate as many as eight people with varying room layout options to suit your needs.

Themed suites feature bunk beds and sleeping spaces for the kids with log cabin, cave, or tent-inspired decor. These are really fun, especially for birthday parties or celebrations where you plan to have corresponding decorations and a matching cake. It's worth noting that Great Wolf Lodge is MASSIVE, so you may want to talk with the reservations team if you'd prefer your room to be on a higher floor, closer to the ground or located nearest to specific things like dining, the water park, gift shops, etc.

If you're looking for a whole-family vacation, Great Wolf Lodge is the place to be. There's always something to do, from the water park to live entertainment and some of the best food around!

What are your favorite Great Wolf Lodge activities?


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