A Homeschool Spanish Curriculum that’s FUN

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Are you looking for a homeschool Spanish curriculum that kids LOVE? We've recently discovered one that's engaging our whole family at once. It's teaching all of us helpful household phrases that we're actually using. ¡Está muy bien! Come check it out.

Sarah s spanish school

The most popular online Spanish program for kids is a well-known online group class called Sarah's Spanish School. When the company reached out and told us that they offer live classes for the entire month of May for FREE, I was like yeah, mmhmm, what's the catch?

They insisted that there is no catch, and invited our family to try the classes starting on the first day of May. I enrolled our kids – just as any community member would – and was surprised to find that there was, indeed, NO catch. This filled our need for a vibrant homeschool Spanish program, and they didn't ask for a credit card number or anything.

The Best Spanish Curriculum

We were instantly given access to video lessons that introduced the basics, on-demand class recordings as well as a detailed schedule offering live (free!) sessions every weekday with easy online access. Native speaking and certified Spanish teachers offer easy Spanish classes for very beginners, all the way through advanced sessions for well-versed Spanish learners.

Kids get to learn Spanish through art projects, science experiments, cooking classes, games, and songs. They have fun themed weeks like Awesome Pets Week and Encanto Week. That's obviously my kids' favorite part! It was designed exclusively to be a homeschool Spanish program, but we've found that it is more than enough to provide a full curriculum.

If you sign up to try Sarah's Spanish School out for the month of May, and you'll get LIFETIME ACCESS to all the recordings

Sign up HERE!

Again – there's no catch, and no credit card even needed.

Language learning is one of the best ways to enrich your child's love of the world, from preschool through high school and beyond. A foreign language can prepare them for early adventures, and give them an unmatchable sense of global confidence.

Learning homeschool spanish

Why Early Language Learning is Best

Learning new vocabulary by engaging in conversation at an early age is one of the most effective ways to learn new words. A child’s brain is a questioning, curious, and creative place. By feeding it words, you’re stimulating its desire to learn.

Early language learning is best for several reasons.

  • It happens naturally. Kids are always asking questions and speaking in short sentences. It’s not until around 8 or 9 years old that they start to speak in more complex sentences, so earlier on is the best time for them to conceptualize short terms and words in another language.
  • It’s easy to do. There are no special tools required, it can be done anywhere. With live and on-demand video options, you don’t even need to make any special time commitments.
  • Language learning is fun. Learning a new language is an adventure and a challenge. By engaging in conversations and listening to what your child has to say, they’ll come to love and cherish the words involved.
  • It builds confidence. Kids who speak a second language early on often have a better understanding of the rules of their native language, too. This confidence helps them be better able to participate in social situations and thrive in school.

Benefits of Teaching Kids Spanish

Every new language comes with tons of benefits!

  • It’s a useful skill. If you end up traveling or immigrating to another country, Spanish is a particularly useful language to know. It's the third most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin and Hindi.
  • It’s a beautiful language. Spanish is a romantic language that’s rich in cultural history and full of vibrant words and phrases.
  • Practicing it will make it easier to relearn. If you stop speaking a language after learning it as a child, your brain still retains the long-term memory of the words and sounds. Even if everyday practice isn't in the cards for your family, this gives you a solid foundation to build upon in the future.
  • Language learning is empowering. It can open up many new career paths.

You Can Practice with your Kids

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make learning new words a fun and engaging experience. When was the last time you took your kids outside and played word games like “I spy” or “find the object”? Just like when young children are learning to first talk, these are great ways to expose them to words in new languages. If you do add games to mix, try to keep them short and fun!

Kids will learn faster and retain the words more easily if they enjoy the experience as much as you are. Your kids will feel more motivated if they see you having fun with the language, and they’ll be more likely to see it as a worthwhile pursuit as well.

Beginning Spanish for Homeschool Provides Easy Opportunities

As a homeschool mom, I always thought I'd have to teach Spanish in order for my kids to speak a second language, and I'm so glad to find an online program that fulfills that desire instead. Having a knowledgeable, certified or native Spanish speaker interacting directly with the kids is as close to immersion as we can get outside of a classroom or actually moving to another location.

I actually studied abroad in Puebla for a couple months, so I know first-hand that real life engagement is key. This online video option is the best way to get your child fun, accessible Spanish lessons that will actually sink in.

Before you go, sign up for a FREE month of Spanish this May!

Have you ever considered homeschool Spanish lessons for your kids?


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