How to make handprint turkeys with kids of any age - makes a great surprise for grandparents

Handprint Turkeys

How dang adorable are these little handprint turkeys? This easy, kid-friendly craft requires just a few supplies, including finger paints and white paper. Handprint turkeys are the perfect craft to take to grandma and grandpa's house for the holiday, and can even be a fun day-of craft to keep older kids busy while parents watch some football and prepare all the turkey day snacks! Check out my full tutorial for handprint turkeys over on the Right Start Blog today.

Our Turkey Day Plans

Have I mentioned that I'm 38 weeks pregnant now? Time flies! Our own little turkey is due to be born on November 24th, but at this point the doc says there's no way we'll make it that long. I'll probably be recovering from labor back home or enjoying Thanksgiving Day hospital food with our new baby. I'm sure some kind family member will bring us some Thanksgiving leftovers. I've stashed some turkey meatballs in the freezer and stocked up on powdered mashed potatoes and canned cranberry sauce just in case I happen to find myself at home and wanting to prep a little something for the family here. Nothing fancy, obviously, but we can get our turkey on one way or another.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?