8 Haunted Spots in Northern California

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From Battery Point to Pirates of Emerson, these are the top Northern California spooky spots to visit in October.

I've mentioned that we spend a lot of time up in Northern California, with work and various responsibilities in the area. The misty fog and historic old buildings have made for quite the creepy backdrop for our photos shoots on more than one occasion. With October upon us, we wanted to share some of our favorite spooky spots in haunted Northern California!

Haunted in Northern California

You imagine Northern California filled with forests and beaches, but have you thought about all the haunted attractions available? Amusement parks, schools and museums are just some of the places you can find to get your creepy fix. Will you visit a haunted lighthouse or an old battleship filled with voices of days gone by? How about both?

The Real Deal

The USS Hornet had 27 years of active service and has more than a few “war stories” to tell. Over 300 lives were claimed during the years on this battleship. Spinning props, flight arrest cables, and air intakes were deadly dangers for sailors on board. It is thought that all these tragedies are the reason the USS Hornet is named America’s Most Haunted ship.

The Groveland Hotel was once a residential hotel back in the Gold Rush days. A prospector name Lyle lived there and died in his sleep, in his room. Nowadays, he likes to turn the water on and off and does not like ladies’ makeup on his dresser! He will carry them to the bathroom or just hit them off completely. “Lyle’s Room” is the most requested room in the hotel, for good reason. Everyone wants to meet the guy.

Inside Golden Gate Park at Stow Lake, you may meet the Stow Lake Ghost. Legends say a lady sat talking on a bench and tragically didn't notice when her stroller with a baby in it rolled into the lake. When she realized the baby was missing she went looking all day and into the night asking everyone “Have you seen my baby?” The last place she looked was in the lake; she walked right in and was never seen again. People have beed said to hear the White Lady whisper in their ear, “Have you seen my baby?”

Haunted Northern California Battery Point lighthouse

Nobody knows exactly why the Battery Point Lighthouse is haunted or by whom. The lighthouse was built in 1856 and sits on an island, but only during high tide. The rest of the time it can be accessed from Crescent City, California. It is believed to have at least one fun ghost that likes to play around by touching shoulders and moving slippers at night.

Haunted Attractions in Northern California

Fright Planet is one of the biggest haunted houses on the West Coast. Fright Planet Park is on 12 acres in Sacramento, making this one of the best places to get scared. Visit America’s Haunted Theme Park and check out this elaborate Halloween destination!

Haunted Northern California spooky study at Escape Sacramento

Escape Sacramento gives you one hour to escape a room with your friends or co-workers by solving puzzles designed to make you work together as a team. Challenge your mind and get creative for this adventure because you and your team are trapped until you solve it!

Slipknot's Scream Park is located in Sacramento and features three haunted houses open from October 1st through November 5th, with lots of ways to scare you! With attractions called “The Bath House,” “The Tooth Fairy,” and “7 Deadly Sins,” this one sounds pretty freaky to me.

Pirates of Emerson is a haunted theme park located in the town of Pleasanton, California. It features five haunted attractions and has “deadly” entertainment every night. Will you visit the Cursed Cavern, Mental Maze, or the Demonic Voodoo?

From Battery Point to Pirates of Emerson, these are the top Northern California spooky spots to visit in October.

Which haunted Northern California spot do you want to visit?


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